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    The internet has revolutionized so many aspects of modern life. The way we socialize, the way we work, and the way we spend our free time have all undergone significant changes, driven by speed and convenience.

    Our famous Casino Rider casino reviews are the best place to start when hunting down a great new online casino, but right now let's take a closer look at why we love these casinos in the first place: the games!

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    Casino has Evolved

    The best online casino games are a great example of how these changes have brought new experiences to people all over the world, wherever they are, but they also show the type of quality-of-life improvements that have been made possible by advancing technology.

    Online Casino Games

    Fresh new gameplay elements and innovations to established casino games have brought casino gaming to a new audience. Gone are the days when a suit and tie was needed to enjoy an evening at the casino, and in their place is a new era of dazzling graphics, enhanced gameplay, worlds of choice and great bonuses for all.

    Our famous Casino Rider casino reviews are the best place to start when hunting down a great new online casino, but right now let's take a closer look at why we love these casinos in the first place: the games!

    Casinos themselves have been around for some 400 years, but gambling games are much, much older than that! How much older? Some of these facts may surprise you.

    Given the long history of organized wagering, it's incredible to think that many of the biggest advances in the field have occurred so very recently.

    It makes us feel fortunate to live in an era where such a lot of choice is available – not to mention the fact that online casinos are so well regulated these days; by choosing the right online casino we know we can gamble in a safe and secure, licensed environment.

    Online Blackjack

    Blackjack is one of the best-known and widely-played casino games in the world. Variations of this casino card game have been being played for over 400 years, all with the same goal: to beat the dealer and double your money!

    In a nutshell, online Blackjack sees players attempting to draw cards to get as near to 21 as they can, using the numbers on the cards (face cards are all worth 10 points, aces are either 1 or 11). If their total is under 21 and the dealer busts by going over, they win.

    Online Blackjack is played against the dealer, not other players, so you don't need to worry about countering an opponent's strategy. What's more, you always know what the dealer is going to do in any situation, as their rules for drawing cards are clearly defined.

    The result is a game which is relatively easy to play well. You can even buy, or find online, quick at-a-glance charts to help you determine whether to stick or twist in various situations, depending on the cards you hold and the card the dealer is showing. In this way, even newcomers can quickly learn to play with a perfect strategy!

    What makes Blackjack one of the best online casino games are the modern twists on this classic you'll find online. 3D tables, multi-hand set-ups, immersive or VIP variants help to keep things fresh, and the great part is that if you know how to play one type of Blackjack well, those skills will pay off with the other types too.

    For more details on Online Blackjack and how to play, please visit our Online Blackjack page.

    Online Roulette

    Roulette is another of the world's most popular casino games, which you would be surprised to find missing from any reputable casino. Dating back several hundred years, the name 'Roulette' comes from the French for 'little wheel', revealing the European roots of this globally popular casino game.

    You probably know how to play Roulette even if you've never done it yourself: place your chips on the number, or collection of numbers, which you think will be the final resting place of the ball on the wheel. Different wagers pay different amounts, relating to their winning probabilities, so 50/50 bets such as red/black or odd/even will pay even money, while for example 1/3 bets such as column wagers will pay 2 to 1.

    Of course, if red/black or odd/even was a true 50/50 bet, the casino would never make any profit. That’s where the introduction of the zero came in. The zero on a Roulette wheel is neither red nor black, odd nor even, high nor low. It's possible to bet on zero, but few combination bets take this special number into account.

    European Roulette wheels traditionally have a single zero, while American-style wheels have two. With the wide choice of online casino games now available, it's easy to find both variants at most popular online casinos.

    And once you look a little further, you'll find a whole world of fun and unique twists on Roulette to keep any player spinning the wheel, making this one of the best online casino games around! Maxi Roulette, 3D tables, turbo Roulette and any number of European/American variants are available to online casino players in Canada when you know where to look.

    And where's that? Our casino review section, of course! Go check it out and find a great new Roulette site today.

    For more, including how to play Roulette, please visit our Online Roulette page.

    Online Baccarat

    Of all the most famous casino games, Baccarat has a particular reputation as the choice of the wealthy, glamorous jet-set.

    Known variously, and with some slight rule tweaks, as Punto Banco or Chemin de Fer, Baccarat may have grown this classy reputation thanks to its inclusion in several classic James Bond novels and films including Dr No, Thunderball, and the influential Casino Royale. Or perhaps it was its reputation as a high rollers' game that saw it included in these works in the first place?

    Either way, Baccarat may have a reputation as being an exclusive and expensive game to play, but in the current era of online casinos it doesn't have to stay that way!

    A card-drawing game in a similar vein to Blackjack, Baccarat sees players attempting to reach a total with their cards as close to the number nine as possible, in an attempt to beat the dealer. Where Blackjack has strict rules for the dealer's card drawing conditions, leaving the player to make their own decisions on when to stick or twist, Baccarat generally applies these draw conditions to players as well. This means players are generally unable to develop clear tactics or strategies, with the result that luck often plays a greater part in a Baccarat hand than many other similar games.

    The best online casinos will offer a selection of Baccarat tables, often including a number of fun online-only twists such as Mini-Baccarat. As the payout rules can sometimes be a little confusing for new players (hands can pay out different amounts depending on if you are playing as the 'banker' or 'player'), versions such as Mini-Baccarat, Super 6 or Punto 2000 aim to make things simpler by paying even money on most bets, while reducing payouts for specific winning hands.

    To learn more, including how to play Online Baccarat, please visit our Baccarat page.

    Video Poker

    Poker is one of the classic gambling games, which over the past few decades has enjoyed a renewed resurgence thanks in part to the popularity of online Poker and the big sums won in televised Poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

    While some online casinos will offer traditional poker games (played between competitors, rather than against the house), these games tend to require a large pool of players playing online simultaneously and so are not among the most popular online casino games. What you are sure to find at most if not all the best online casinos, however, is Video Poker.

    video poker big win

    If you've visited a physical casino recently, Video Poker is sure to be something you've seen in action. Using just a screen and a few buttons, physical Video Poker machines can be installed pretty much anywhere in a casino, from a bar top to a men's room. At least with Video Poker online, you don't need to worry about whether the player before you washed their hands or not!

    Most versions of Video Poker are based on the classic poker game of Five Card Draw, the rules for which are simple: players receive five cards and may choose to redraw any of them up to two times. Payouts are then awarded depending on the hand the player ends up with, from no pair all the way up to a straight flush.

    Where Video Poker shines online is the presentation and variations available. As with Slots, the move from mechanical reels to a video screen has meant an explosion in the types of Video Poker you can play and the wild and wonderful bonuses and features that can be dreamed up! Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are just a couple of the variants available now at our partner casinos.

    With all the fun of a great Slots game, but using your knowledge of poker and probabilities, Video Poker can be a fun and profitable game to play. Check out our casino reviews to find the best spot to play Video Poker today!

    Online Keno & Online Bingo

    These two games can be easy to mix up, as they share many similarities, but you won't necessarily find both when you browse a site's online casino games. Keno is the game that is more usually found in physical, land-based casinos, while Bingo has traditionally been played in dedicated Bingo halls. Nevertheless, both are available at online casino sites if – like the Casino Rider team – you just know where to look!

    Both games are based around the drawing of numbers at random, with varying payouts (and even jackpot wins) depending on how many numbers you are able to match.

    Bingo games tend to involve larger amounts of numbers, both drawn and selected, without the possibility of selecting your own numbers to try and hit. Keno games draw fewer numbers but generally allow you to choose your own set of numbers.

    With luck playing a significant role in both games, they have historically attracted more social gamers rather than gamblers trying to find an edge and turn a profit. This social thread still exists in the online casino realm, with many sites offering chat and other social features while playing.

    Online Slots

    Many players favour Slots over table games, both live and online. Some reasons may include:

    Whatever your reason for enjoying the fun, fast-paced Slots games you'll find online, there are plenty of great places to play. Many online casinos will even let you try them out for free – check our casino reviews now to find the best sites for online Slots!

    Live Dealer Games

    If you have past experience playing in a physical, land-based casino – and even if you don't – there's a special thrill to be had when you have a real dealer or croupier attending to your every gaming need. That's why many online casino games can be played with a real human dealer, live via video link.

    You don't need a special subscription or premium membership – many sites will offer a choice of different games, stakes, and dealers for games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more, available around the clock. You can chat and interact with your dealers, and they'll never ask for a tip! Just be aware that minimum stakes tend to be higher for live dealer games, so the dealers can be paid a fair wage.

    Online Casino Games for Android and iOS

    At Casino Rider we know what our readers want in an online casino: great choice, good bonuses, fun games, easy account management and convenience, among other things. And when it comes to convenience, there's little to beat having a fully fledged online casino in your pocket!

    Nowadays, online casino games for Android are plentiful, with apps usually downloadable directly from the online casino site itself, for free. Apple devices need to visit the Apple App Store to download online casino apps, but again most of the best online casinos will make their apps easy to find and free to download.

    Whichever games you most enjoy, chances are good that you'll find them, fully playable and with great graphics, right on your personal device, whether that's a smartphone or tablet.

    It's another way technology keeps making online gaming better and better! We can't say for sure what the next big step forward in gambling tech will be, but we can promise you one thing: whatever it is, we'll find you the best places to do it!

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