DraftFuel to Launch Responsible Gaming Solutions

    Fintech start-up DraftFuel has unveiled a new mobile app and prepaid card product designed to provide a solution to one of the most controversial topics with the gambling sector – the concept of responsible gambling.

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    DraftFuel to Launch Responsible Gaming Solutions

    The Onset of Guilt-Free Gaming

    With more states legalizing sports betting, DraftFuel aims to help players wager responsibly in what was described by Co-founder Alex Cullingford as a “guilt-free” gambling experience.

    Cullingford said, “We wanted to create DraftFuel to help individuals of any experience level enjoy guilt-free gaming.” He added that beyond the app itself, the company will be producing content that “our user-base can take advantage of to make smart, responsible decisions.”

    The prepaid card is a joint venture between DraftDuel and Discover, an American financial services provider of credit cards, online banking, home equity loans, student loans, and personal loans. As a result, the DraftFuel cards can also be used wherever Discover is accepted. Although any player can utilize DraftFuel’s offerings, they are specifically designed to help newbie punters cultivate the right betting habits.

    Facilitating Two Responsible Gambling Methods

    Users will have two methods of accumulating money in their DraftFuel accounts. The first method involves linking preexisting debit or credit cards to the app. The software will monitor the daily movement of money and accumulate spare change from purchases such as petrol or coffee, which will then be saved to fund your betting activities.

    The second method is a monthly contribution to fund your gambling bankroll. Users can select a fixed percentage of their bank deposits to be transferred to their DraftFuel account automatically.

    Both approaches should “mitigate risk by empowering users to only play with true discretionary funds.” DraftFuel hopes to inhibit the chances of first-time players ever becoming problem gamblers, as these methods will help bettors enjoy the thrill of the activity without the risk of addiction or harming their lives.

    The app is supported at all major online sportsbooks, casinos, and sports fantasy sites, including DraftKings, FanDuel, Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM, and more.

    About DraftFuel

    DraftFuel is a Philadelphia-based gaming fintech company. It partners with Central Payments, which boasts a vast payment ecosystem and a large network of providers in the online sportsbook, online casino, and daily fantasy sports space. This strong positioning has enabled DraftFuel to establish solid offerings of its own by creating an app and a prepaid card.

    The company, co-founded by Tom Mangan and Alex Cullingford, seeks to solve the stigma of betting and people’s natural fear of losing money.

    DraftFuel is also very focused on security and protects customers’ accounts and data with two-factor authentication (2FA) and 128-bit encryption. The app uses fingerprint scanning capabilities of your smartphones for faster and more secure access, and the Virtual DraftFuel Discover prepaid card remains secure within the app.

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