Gambit Rewards Seals a Deal with Gamelancer

    Gambit Rewards, a loyalty gaming platform with free-to-play services, has recently announced a partnership with the fast-rising Gamelancer. The latter is a social gaming network for video games, while the former has a strong reputation for turning reward or loyalty points into free games on participating websites or platforms. With this new partnership, users of the Gen Z-friendly Gamelancer will now benefit from the innovative gaming services provided by Gambits’ network.

    Customer-Geared Rewards for Modern Gamers

    Gambit had signed a partnership deal with Bally’s Corp back in April to expand its reach and utility of Gambit Tokens. Bally’s Corps, as well as other Reward Partners of Gambit, bring different classes of gamers to the table.

    Gamelancer’s followership is predominantly young bettors invested in video games, an audience that can now take part in Gambit’s consumer reward programs. The brand has about 28 million followers across Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram, all of whom are now in line for the unique free-to-play experience from Gambit Rewards.

    According to Mike Cotton, the President and COO of Gamelancer:

    “Gamelancer is thrilled to add Gambit as a flagship partner to Rewarded, our loyalty, and rewards marketplace. Gambit is an industry leader in the development of consumer rewards programs that enable users to play free games and win real cash prizes.”

    He further explained the importance of the partnership, saying that Gamelancer’s wide reach on social media among the Gen Z community will bolster the benefits of this venture.

    How Gamelancer Fits into the Gambit Rewards Model

    As a free-to-play gaming and sports betting outfit, Gambit Rewards allows users to bet on their favorite slots, sports and other games without spending a dime. Here the currency expended is called Gambit Tokens, which bettors can exchange for loyalty points on Gamelancer.

    Shedding more light on Gambit Rewards’ model, Richard Pistilli, CEO of Gambit Rewards, in a recent interview, said:

    “In addition to converting points to Gambit Tokens, all Gambit users will also be able to redeem Gambit Prize Tokens for Gamelancer points, extending our options for how to claim winnings. Together, our gamified loyalty experience and Gamelancer’s social gaming network are perfect complements.”

    Gambit Rewards also helps to improve the user promotions and incentive systems in the iGaming industry as users can redeem their winnings for cash or gift cards. This loyalty gaming model was designed to enhance all forms of user promotions and bonuses. Gamelancer’s massive audience can enjoy a new way to redeem points for a better iGaming and sports betting experience.

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