GLI Certifies Tribally-Linked Bingo Treasures Game

    After the recent collaboration between Video King and Parlay games, the two companies made it known that they were working on a "tribally linked class II bingo game with multi-million dollar weekly prize jackpots." Both companies brought together their assets, teams, and development skills to fuel the sole purpose of creating a unique and "tribally linked" national game. The said output from the joint venture now takes the form of Bingo Treasures, a gaming product for tribal operators. Gaming International Laboratories (GLI) has now certified Bingo Treasures, a quantum step necessary before the launch of the game.

    GLI Certifies Tribally-Linked Bingo Treasures Game

    Importance of GLI's Approval

    GLI is a reputable agency providing one of the most trustworthy testing and certification services in the iGaming industry. GLI provides robust inspection of electronic gaming products and precise forensics that protect not only the tribal operators but also the regulators and players. After procuring this essential certification, Bingo Treasures is also on course to get a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    With this certification, Bingo Treasures is inching closer to its launch. Video King has already begun making the game available to tribal operators across the United States. While speaking on the next steps, the Chief Financial Officer of Video King, Rusty Morin, said:

    "With the GLI approval in hand, we will now be working quickly to finalize license agreements and installation dates with tribes, who will be first movers with us and who will launch Bingo Treasures at any facility (not just gaming facilities) on their tribal lands."

    Why Bingo Treasures is Highly Anticipated

    Bingo Treasures is a unique national game created to provide a rewarding gaming experience in the US. It will only be offered by US Sovereign Nation Indian Tribes, and playable on tribal lands. According to Morin, the class II bingo software certification combined and the patient pending methodologies are the enabling factors behind this multi-billion dollar casino game.

    Furthermore, Bingo Treasures comes with weekly jackpot prizes that start from $2M and could rise to $100M when other tribes link together. It's quite obvious that the game is poised to live up to its name with mouth-watering grand prizes to be won by players. The set-up, as well as other features like the aforementioned, makes it a hot cake for the tribes and would naturally drive customer engagement through the roof.

    In line with the established purpose of the Bingo Treasures game, Rusty Morin added:

    "We anticipate that player and tribal participation are sure to grow as players become aware of Bingo Treasures and additional tribes understand the game's ability to bring in players more frequently, create add-on purchases, as well as attracting new players."

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