Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto Opens Tomorrow

    After a period of waiting, the day has come and on Tuesday, June 20, the Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto will open its doors to gamblers at 17.00. The owner, Great Canadian Entertainment reports that it will be the largest land casino in North America and will completely change the landscape of gambling. The resort's total worth has reached C$1 billion and has a "Vegas-style" theme.

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    The casino takes up an area of 33 acres, with 328,000 square feet of gaming space, including 4800 slot machines and 145 table games. Construction took over seven years, and it will also have a 5,000-seat live entertainment venue and a 400-room hotel. It is expected to generate more than $500 million for Ontario's economy.

    New casino will be a game-changer

    Great Canadian Entertainment started in 1982 and currently owns 25 casinos in Canada (Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia).

    Matthew Anfinson, CEO of Great Canadian Entertainment, said: "We see this as an unprecedented opportunity to introduce an entirely new, world-class experience in Canada that will bring together the best in casino gaming, exceptional live entertainment, dining, and accommodation in one very special place."

    "With meticulous attention to detail, state-of-the-art amenities, and a commitment to exceptional guest experiences, our landmark entertainment resort is a game-changer in Toronto."

    The company also takes responsible gaming seriously, as the resort houses a PlaySmart Centre. This offers tools and features to control your spending and enjoy quality casino games in a safe environment.

    More big plans for GCE ahead

    There have been more big announcements for Great Canadian Entertainment as it partnered up with Live Nation Canada to bring popular music to its venues. Canadian Casino Resort Toronto and The Theatre are among the resorts that will benefit from this partnership.

    Gavin Whiteley, CMO of Great Canadian Entertainment was also thrilled about the prospects: "Our network of destinations offers a complete entertainment experience – live concerts and entertainment, various dining options, dedicated in-person service, all complementing the gaming or betting experience by itself."

    "There is a social experience to visiting one of our casinos or resorts that is inherently distinctive from an individualized online experience", he concluded.

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