Internet Vikings Extend US footprint with Illinois Launch

    Global iGaming hosting provider Internet Vikings has expanded its US presence by breaking into the Illinois market.

    Internet Vikings extends US footprint with Illinois Launch

    Illinois marks the eighteenth state where the Swedish company offers its services. Having already established a firm position in 17 other states, their assertive goal to offer the finest in bespoke iGaming hosting solutions across the country is fast becoming a reality. The group has already begun receiving favorable feedback in West Virginia, Colorado, and New Jersey where they’ve garnered a substantial customer base.

    Moving Along With Regulated Sports Betting

    The company's head of U.S. Expansion Elena Kvakova gave a statement expressing her excitement: "As a business, we are both proud and very eager to see how rapidly we are keeping up our rate of expansion in the United States. We have no intention of slowing our pace until we have secured a base in all of the 21 states where iGaming has been legalized".

    More and more states have begun moving towards establishing a regulated sports betting economy since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was overturned by the Supreme Court ruling in 2018.

    Internet Vikings noted that although Illinois is a “latecomer to the party,” it is rapidly picking up its pace as it looks to open up to various forms of online gaming, having begun with online sports betting in 2019.

    “Seeing the radical success of online betting in the Garden State in the short time since it was legalized, it has spiked a big move towards full regulation in Illinois.”

    Illinois has the fifth-biggest GDP in the US, as well as the sixth-largest population for a state.

    Social Gaming not Gambling

    Social gaming sites provide a variety of slots and table games that are playable without the need to deposit funds. At the same time, it is possible to win prizes in cash and kind in the form of sweepstakes.

    Illinois is yet to fully regulate real money online casinos, but social gaming sites like Internet Vikings are viewed as non-gambling platforms and do not require a license. They can operate freely as long as they’ve acquired a partner in the state, the company already has two, one of which expanded with them from 2 of the other states in which they have already launched.

    Internet Vikings entered the US market in July last year and are following a decisive and strategic development methodology in their plan to expand into all states where iGaming is legal this year. In response to how the company selects which states to prioritize, Kvakova said that they keep up with industry trends, client needs, and expectations.

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