What is the legal gambling age in Canada?

    What is the legal gambling age in Canada is one of the most frequently asked questions by gamblers who are at least 18 years old. The answer might save you time and effort because it is a crucial aspect in determining whether you can join online casinos or not. The legal gambling age in Canada varies by province, but the rule is that you have to be 19 years old in most areas, with the exception of Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba, where you can bet once you turn 18.

    Minimum gambling age lvsd

    To make things simpler, each province does not differentiate between land-based and online casinos, so the legal age is the same. But does that age restriction apply to sports betting, authorised casinos, and offshore casinos? Let's find out.

    In general, online gaming in Canada is not legal, with the exception of Ontario casinos, which are regulated and operate with a licence. Offshore casinos, which welcome Canadians regardless of province, are exempt from this rule. The minimum age to use these websites is 18, and as part of their KYC procedure, they will request evidence of age. Quebec is a province that is in the process of regulating its online gambling industry. A group has been established to draught the necessary legislation in this province.

    The age limit that applies to online casinos is the same to sports betting and poker platforms. Gambling laws in Canada do not separate each gaming product, so the legal age is universal across all gaming platforms for each province.

    Can you gamble at 18 in Ontario?

    When you turn 18, you can play the lottery and bingo games if you reside in Ontario. However, for every other online game, including casino and sportsbook, you have to be 19 or older. Ontario was the first Canadian province to introduce regulated online gambling in April 2022, and the market has grown exponentially since then.

    The AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) oversees all licenced gaming sites to provide a safe and secure gambling environment for locals. Giants such as bet365, 20bet and 888casino have entered the market, with more to come.

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