More than 64% of Canadians Gambled in 2022, finds study

    Gambling in Canada is experiencing a rapid growth, and that reflects in the amount of population that gambled in 2022. According to a survey by Statistics Canada, 64.5% of Canadians over age 15 said that they took part in gambling activities (land-based or online casino and sports betting), which is around 18.9 million people. Quebec is leading the charge with 69.1% of its population admitting to gambling last year.

    More than 64% of Canadians Gambled in 2022

    The regulation of the industry with many high-profile operators entering the local market, has played a big role along with the introduction of licensing authorities like the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The Canadian market still has substantial potential for gambling companies, and we are about to see more of them get licenses.

    Demographics of Gambling in Canada

    The number of men and women that participate in gambling is almost equal, with men being ahead by a small margin at 56%. Most gamblers are between 30-50 years old and they appear to have an upper middle-class income. When it comes to game preference, older gamblers tend to prefer sports betting and bingo while younger ones opt for slots.

    Canadians spent C$4 billion on online sports betting, moving up to 8th place in the world in gambling expenditures. Ice hockey, Football, Basketball & Esports are the most popular choices for bettors. Motor sports are also gaining a loyal following.

    Can too much of gambling availability become an issue?

    Canada has seen some of the most rapid expansion of online betting firms in the last few years. This has made some of the top legislators concerned that this could get out of hand. In the words of David Hodgins, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Calgary, sports betting has become similar to slots. This is because you literally bet on everything all the time.

    Most Canadians also agree that gambling advertising has gotten out of control. According to a survey by IPSIS, a polling and social listening data company, 63% of Canadians agree, (21% strongly and 42% somewhat), that the state should rein in gambling ads.

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