Ocean Casino Resort to Splash $85 Million on Property Upgrades

    Ocean Casino, a major resort in Atlantic City, is set to invest $85 million in property developments this summer. The plans are already in motion as the resort will be introducing 460 new rooms and a sports and entertainment arena on the 1st of July.

    Ocean Casino Resort to Splash $85 Million

    This huge investment would be an overhauling upgrade that would influence every aspect of the northernmost resort on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The resort, casino, and hotel sections will all see significant changes.

    The announcement follows the recent refurbishing of the resort's website to include more booking features and other exciting elements. These upgrades reiterate the resort's commitment to providing the best guest experience in Atlantic City.

    Key Changes in the Properties

    The new hotel spaces and suites would ingest most of the property development fund, with about $72 million to be spent in those areas. The new 463-square-foot rooms will be housed in a space called Contemporary Blu, each one featuring beach-like designs, marble flooring for the bathroom, and bigger showers. The new suites will also include more dining spaces, a soaking tub, and fun areas like wet bars and a lounge.

    The casino will benefit from upgrades worth approximately $5.2 million. Ocean Casino Resort is set to revamp the gaming area with the new Gallery Bar Book & Games. The site will also include a 100-foot bar linked to the Balcony Bar via a 17-foot staircase. A mezzanine bar will be available to offer drinks while doubling as a sportsbook.

    More casino games will be purchased, including video poker, blackjack, and roulette tables. Other gaming amenities include 140 feet of LED walls for live betting.

    These additions would make the new gallery the preferred spot for all forms of betting, popular game nights, and many more.

    Beyond the Casino and Hotel

    The resort is set to become a more appealing outfit for all guests as it will now feature new food and beverage outlets. Leading the lot is Seredipity3, which will be kickstarting its expansion in Atlantic City. Serendipity3, a popular destination in New York City, will bring its iconic dining experience and exquisite dessert menu to guests at this resort.

    The cuisines offered at Ocean Casino resort will also witness more diversity as the Asian restaurant present gets more dining space and 60 more seats. This puts Zhen Bang in pole position to dazzle guests with oriental delicacies.

    Other food businesses to launch in Ocean Casino Resort are Starbucks and Bottled-Wine Spirits & Tastings. The latter is set to open later on with vintage drinks available for sample and sale. Bottles-Wine Spirits & Tastings would be only steps away from the Ovation Hall, one of Ocean Casino's hallmarks.

    The different fun spots are exquisitely linked together to graze guests with the complete resort experience. In addition, Ocean Casino Resort would be offering bike rentals to aid the memorable exploration of the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

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