Rivalry launches sports betting app in Ontario

    The sportsbook and online casino operator, Rivalry Corp. has launched a mobile app in Ontario. This allows locals to bet on all popular sports events, together with Esports and other games. Major competitions like the NBA, the Premier League, the NHL and the Champions League will be available for betting (pre-match and live) with hundreds of selections. Dota 2, Call of Duty and League of Legends are among the hottest Esports events in the app.

    Rivalry launches sports betting app in ontario

    Rivalry entered the Ontario market last April, but it has already caused quite a stir in the online gambling community, with new casino games added regularly and the introduction of several sportsbook features.

    Mobile betting is a milestone for Rivalry

    Co-founder and CEO of the company, Steven Salz was excited about the new step for Rivalry and commented: "Mobile betting is a significant addition for our Ontario operations and core audience of Millennial and Gen Z consumers that prefer the flexibility of betting on their phones. Launching a mobile app adds an important layer of accessibility to our product, increasing our addressable market in Ontario, and allowing us to bring esports betting to more customers in the region and ultimately grow the category."

    The company had record growth in the first quarter of 2023, partly thanks to going live in Ontario. Profits amounted to C$12 million, while gross gaming revenue was C$5.4 million, significantly higher than last year. Total revenue increased by 27%, showing that Rivalry's strategy works.

    App focuses on Gen Z and Millennials

    According to data, Gen Z and Millennial bettors make up 97% of Rivalry's active users. This demographic group loves to gamble on their phones, therefore the company had to develop a cutting-edge app. Steven Salz added: "We are engaging a demographic with unique consumption habits and betting preferences. This is a generation that expects more from the products, entertainment, and brands they consume, and we’ve customised our online betting experience to match that."

    "Rivalry’s content and brand strategy are setting the industry precedent for betting entertainment, allowing us to acquire customers profitably and engage them through authentic touchpoints without having to consistently deploy additional marketing and promotional spend for growth.", he concluded.

    The iOS app is available for Ontario users, 19 years old and up, on the Apple App Store.

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