Two Confirmed Dead in Bridger Casino Fire

    A fire that erupted on Wednesday at a casino in Montana has resulted in the death of two individuals. Local officials confirmed the sad news at the scene, and both of the deceased have been identified.

    The Report and Rescue Operations Surrounding the Incident

    The unfortunate event took place in the morning hours at Honest Tom's Saloon & Casino in Bridger - a small town about 47 miles away from Billings. Smoke was seen coming out from the gambling venue, which is located on the main street of Bridger, on that fateful morning, after which the police chief of Bridger, Mike Buechler, was called to the scene.

    The chief opened the screen door at the entrance, but he could not enter the building due to the thick smoke. He could see only a few feet inside the casino and tried shouting to know if anyone had been trapped inside. However, there was no response.

    Firefighters from neighboring cities arrived swiftly at the venue. The fire departments in Belfry, Bridger, and Fromberg all assisted in keeping the fire under control. The flames were eventually contained to the building and quenched before spreading out. While going through the scene, it was discovered that there were people trapped inside.

    The Victims' Identities are Released

    The police chief confirmed this in an interview with local TV but didn't release information on their identities. However, a local news outlet hinted that the victims were a male and a female.

    The victims were indeed a man and a woman as the Carbon County Sheriff Josh McQuillan later confirmed their identities as Marla Murray, a casino employee aged 71 years old, and John Ahles, a 33-year-old customer. Both hailed from Bridger.

    Ongoing Investigations

    The incident is being investigated by the Bridger police, the Carbon County Sheriff's Office, the Montana Department of Criminal Investigations, and the State Fire Marshal's office.

    The cause of the fire is still undetermined, and the police and firefighters are working together to find it out. The findings so far reveal that although Honest Tom's Saloon & Casino usually opens at 9 am every day, it did not open on time on the day of the incident.

    No other details have been disclosed to the public, and little is known about the extent of damage to the casino's interior or the slots and gaming tables. The estimated financial damage to the Honest Tom's Saloon & Casino also has yet to be revealed. On the outside, however, the building has been significantly scorched.

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