Neosurf Payments at Online Casinos in Canada

    There are many reasons why some users may wish to remain anonymous online, especially when making financial transactions. While some may have worries about the general levels of personal data tracking on the internet, others may be more concerned about the possibility of fraud or identity theft. Neosurf helps here.

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    Of course, when you choose a reputable and trustworthy online casino to play at, many privacy and security concerns are easily addressed – visit our casino reviews section to get a good start on this. But even when you can be sure the site is secure, without good virus protection and end-point security moving money online can still be a source of concern.

    With Neosurf Canada users are able to purchase vouchers from a physical store which they can then use online at a wide variety of sites and retailers. This gives Neosurf many of the advantages traditionally associated with cash, such as complete anonymity.

    Neosurf payment methods

    At Neosurf online casinos Canada users can use purchased vouchers to directly fund their accounts without any casino payments being listed in their bank statements. In fact, using cash to purchase vouchers over the counter from a Neosurf vendor makes the process of funding a gaming account completely free of any traditional paper trail.

    A convenient way to convert cash to online funds, Neosurf is accepted as a payment method at many online stores and gaming sites around the world.

    What is Neosurf?

    A French company, Neosurf launched back in 2004 and claims to be 'the original internet payment card'.

    The big selling point of Neosurf Canada comes from the increased level of anonymity it can provide. By buying prepaid vouchers using cash from a physical retailer, a customer can use that voucher just as if it was cash.

    No personal or identifiable information is included in a transaction involving Neosurf vouchers, making Neosurf online casinos Canada's choice for protected anonymous payments.

    Where Can I Use Neosurf Canada?

    It's not only Neosurf online casinos Canada users can fund using their prepaid vouchers. Neosurf Canada vouchers can be used at a large number of online retailers and gaming sites, including non-casino games such as League of Legends or Battlestar Galactica.

    Neosurf Canada vouchers are also able to be used to anonymously top-up funds to other payment platforms such as Neteller and other digital wallets, or even prepaid credit cards like Veritas or Ecocard.

    Different Types of Neosurf Account

    Neosurf Canada is available in two varieties, with both offering similar advantages to many other payment methods.

    Neosurf Vouchers

    Purchasing vouchers from a physical retailer in Canada is possible thanks to a partnership between Neosurf and Payment Source, Canada's leading provider of prepaid services. Using cash or any other over-the-counter payment method, vouchers with individual PIN codes can be purchased with those codes then used to pay online.

    Neosurf Accounts

    It is also possible to create a Neosurf account which you may manage from your mobile device, topping up directly from many sources including a personal bank account or credit cards.

    Can I Withdraw at Online Casinos with Neosurf Canada?

    For Neosurf online casinos Canada users are able to easily fund their accounts while maintaining anonymity, thanks to the voucher system which allows funds to be purchased over-the-counter using cash or any other form of payment.

    Neosurf Canada

    However, withdrawing funds to a Neosurf Canada account is not so simple, as the voucher system is designed as a one-way method of moving funds to an online account. The high level of anonymity Neosurf provides would not be possible if it were used as an account for receiving funds.

    Many online casinos restrict withdrawals to the last method used to deposit, which can obviously be an issue when Neosurf withdrawals are not possible. If your site of choice has this policy and you have Neosurf vouchers you wish to use to make a deposit, it may be worth using your vouchers to fund an alternative payment platform, such as ecoPayz.

    Note that funds can be removed from a Neosurf Canada account and paid into a bank account, although you may be liable to pay fees on transactions such as these. For this reason we would recommend only buying the amount of Neosurf vouchers you need to make your deposits or purchases online, rather than using Neosurf as a form of digital wallet for storing funds online.

    Is Neosurf Safe for Casino Gambling?

    Neosurf Canada is a reputable and trustworthy payment platform that has been successfully providing its services around the globe since 2004. A partnership with Payment Source means that Neosurf vouchers can be bought at any number of local neighbourhood stores across Canada, and as such the brand is one that is quickly growing in public take-up and recognition.

    We would have no reservations in stating that Neosurf Canada is a useful and safe method for funding online gaming accounts, as well as one that should particularly appeal to those users who value privacy and anonymity online.

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