Paysafecard Payments at Online Casinos in Canada

    In the old days before credit cards, digital wallets, instant bank transfers and prepaid vouchers, cash was king – especially when it came to gambling. Having a roll of notes in your pocket meant the world was your oyster as everywhere accepted cash, and spending it didn't involve any anxiety about being robbed of your identity or defrauded by dishonest retailers.

    When using a service such as paysafecard Canada, it's a little like stepping back in time to those simpler days. You'll never have to worry about the security of your personal information or a troubling payment showing up on your bank statement, and thanks to the widespread acceptance of paysafecard at retailers and paysafecard online casinos Canada customers will rarely come across a place that doesn't accept this method.

    In fact, the only real potential downside to paysafecard is one that has also always applied to cash: you can lose it! Just like how if you accidentally drop your wallet in the ocean, there's no way to reclaim the money that was inside, by losing your paysafecard PINs it's possible to wave goodbye to money due to a simple accident.

    Luckily, the bright minds behind paysafecard Canada have come up with a way to protect users from losing PINs, thanks to the introduction of the 'my paysafecard' – more on that below.

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    What is paysafecard?

    paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher system, designed for use online. Owned and operated by the Paysafe Group – the British company behind other online payment methods such as Skrill – paysafecard aims to make the process of making a purchase online just as safe, secure and anonymous as a cash purchase offline.

    Casino payment methodes - PaysafeCard

    paysafecard Canada does this by selling the pre-paid vouchers at thousands of physical retail locations, in stores where you might also be picking up groceries or other everyday goods. 22,000 retail outlets across Canada stock paysafecard vouchers, making them a convenient way to turn physical cash into online credit.

    Customers purchase a paysafecard PIN from these stores, using whatever payment method they wish, and receive a 16-digit code. This code can be used directly online at any paysafecard online casino Canada offers, or loaded to a digital wallet for later use. In this latter way, multiple PINs can be loaded onto the same card in order to store larger amounts (over-the-counter PINs are limited to CAD $400 per PIN).

    Where Can I Use paysafecard Canada?

    paysafecard is one of the most widely accepted online payment methods in the world, with many online stores and casinos accepting funds via paysafecard. If you're looking to fund your paysafecard online casino Canada is a great place to do it, with around 22,000 retailers in Canada stocking paysafecard PINs, meaning it's easy to both fund your paysafecard and spend from it all without attaching any personal identifiable information to either transaction.

    It's this additional level of anonymity that is one of paysafecard Canada's main strengths, as paysafecard is a payment method which truly separates a user's personal data from the financial. From acquiring the card to funding it and using those finds online, paysafecard online casino Canada players are protected at every step of the way. At a paysafecard online casino Canada customers can relax in the knowledge that their private information remains completely private.

    Different Types of paysafecard Account

    As mentioned above, the only real drawback to paysafecard Canada is the possibility that you might lose your PINs before you use them – just like cash.

    This issue has been addressed by the introduction of the my paysafecard account, in addition to the standard paysafecard.


    Users buy PINs from offline retailers which can be used to load a paysafecard or to pay for purchases or deposits online. PINs are limited to CAD $400 per transaction, and if a PIN is lost it cannot be retrieved.

    My paysafecard account

    This online account lets users upload their funds from paysafecard Canada vouchers, where they can then view and manage them all in one place. Once uploaded PINs cannot be lost, and the user only needs to remember their username and a password in order to use any of their accumulated paysafecard credit online. Up to CAD $3,500 can be stored in a my paysafecard Canada account at any time, with a total annual limit of CAD $6,000 in place.

    cards and paysafe logo

    Paysafecard Mastercard

    A combination pre-paid credit card, this allows users to fund their paysafecard Mastercard through regular means (e.g. vouchers and PINs), but then they are able to use their card at offline stores, hotels, restaurants, ATMs etc, where traditional paysafecard transactions would not be possible.

    Can I Withdraw at Online Casinos with paysafecard Canada?

    The strength of paysafecard Canada is in the way it facilitates anonymous payment transactions. Online casinos usually have tighter rules and regulations when it comes to paying out, with greater levels of customer ID verification often required.

    Money can be moved from a paysafecard Canada account to a bank account, but withdrawing from an online casino to a paysafecard is rarely available as an option.

    Is paysafecard Safe for Casino Gambling?

    paysafecard is an extremely safe and secure payment method that has been operating since 2000 and is available in over 40 countries. We have no reservation in recommending paysafecard as a safe and discreet way to fund your online casino account.

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