Jackpot Games

    Jackpot games offer life-changing prizes for small stakes. And that is why they are so popular. Imagine winning millions of dollars from a few cents? It's possible with jackpot games and jackpot slots in particular.

    Skip the guide to jackpot games below and dive straight into the action at top Canadian casinos now. Or read on to learn more about great jackpot casino games.

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    Jackpot Jamboree!

    When it comes to online Slots games, there are a lot of reasons why so many players around the world, including in Canada, enjoy them.

    But when it comes down to it, what players love the most about playing Slots games is winning! And that's why jackpot games have such a special place in the heart of any Slots enthusiast, because with these extraordinary Slots games it's possible to win bigger and bigger prizes!

    Progressive Slots

    It may sound obvious, but from the earliest Slots ever made, such as the famous 'Liberty Bell', to the most modern and up-to-date online jackpot Slots games, the purpose of any Slots game – from the point of view of the operator – is to pay out a little less than they take in.

    Everyone who plays it has the potential to score a huge payday, but it's the operator who can rely on a guaranteed – albeit smaller – return from the game. These days, every Slots game will have a predetermined amount of money it will return to its players over time, known as the 'return to player', or RTP. Most online casino sites will publish this information online, for the sake of transparency, so it's usually pretty easy to find.

    Jackpot Games

    Progressive Slots are a type of jackpot game where the player's money is effectively split between various prize pools, each of which may have a different RTP value. The bulk of each coin played may go towards the general prize pool for that Slot game, but a portion can also be diverted to one or more progressive prize pools.

    Depending on the jackpot game and where you're playing, these prize pools may be being fed into by players around the world, with the potential for reaching extremely large amounts. Some jackpot games may even feature several progressive jackpots for players of different stakes, or varying 'levels' of jackpots with lucky players able to progress all the way through them to the top tier.

    What jackpot games all have in common is the potential for a small outlay on the part of the player to lead to a huge win.

    Big Jackpot Slots

    Obviously, when the size of some of these jackpot games' big wins goes public, many players find themselves attracted to big jackpot Slots.

    Some of the biggest winners in the history of jackpot games include:

    Jackpot Mobile Games

    These days, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are more than capable of running online jackpot games just as easily as a computer.

    If your screen is large enough to comfortably see all the information you need and lets you find and select the correct buttons without accidentally misclicking anything, then nothing is stopping you from enjoying the best jackpot mobile games wherever you choose to play.

    Win Jackpot Games

    Most online jackpot Slots games are free to try online, although we've noticed that this isn't always the case with the bigger jackpot games. Perhaps the way these big progressive Slots are designed means it's not always possible to set them running for play money?

    If you're keen to try jackpot mobile games on your mobile device and it's not available to try out for free, we'd recommend trying a different free Slots game on mobile first, so you can be sure you're happy with the way jackpot mobile games play on the smaller screen.

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