How to Play Online Bingo

    Looking for a great, social game to play that pays big cash prizes for a small outlay? Bingo! You've found it!

    Many players will be familiar with Bingo but may be unsure as to how that relates to online gaming. Others may never have played but are attracted to the game's potential for high returns on investments. Let's take a closer look at how to play online Bingo, and the online Bingo rules to know.

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    How to Play Bingo – Step by Step

    The first thing you should know is that online Bingo is one of the friendliest, low-pressure games you can play online. Many online Bingo sites feature dedicated chat rooms where new players are encouraged to ask questions and veterans are happy to answer them. Learning how to play online Bingo is even more fun when you have an encouraging group that helps you feel right at home!

    how to play bingo

    Find an Online Bingo Site

    Finding a place to learn how to play online Bingo can be like finding a community, so make sure you find a site that a) has a friendly clientele, b) is easy and fun to use, c) offers the games you want to play, and the payment methods you'll need to use to play them, and d) gives new players a fantastic welcome bonus!

    Don't turn your nose up at these welcome bonuses, as they're often a site's most generous promotion and can have real, tangible value for any player. Visit our casino reviews section to find expert help on where to play and how to get your hands on the biggest bonuses.

    Try the Free Bingo Games

    Many sites give you the chance to play their games for free before depositing real money – and sometimes without creating an account at all.

    This is a great way to see if you like the way a site operates, if the graphics are clear and crisp, and if the layout is easy to use. If you encounter problems, move on to a new Bingo site until you find the perfect option for you. And once you do...

    Create and Fund Your Account

    Creating a new account is fast and easy at most casino and Bingo sites, and our in-depth casino reviews can help you find a site that matches all your requirements. These will probably include easy depositing and fast verification, so you should be up and running in no time, and ready to learn how to play online Bingo for real money.

    Buy Your Ticket(s), Play Your Game(s)

    Once you learn how to play Bingo, it's easy to play multiple cards at once. In order to do so, you'll need to specify at the outset just how many cards you want to play.

    Certain Bingo games may offer different entry points in terms of pricing, allowing you to play for portions of the main prize for smaller stakes, or the whole thing (including jackpots) for a larger entry fee. For your first time, we'd recommend playing a fairly standard game of Bingo for a specific ticket price. You'll be playing the same game as everyone else, and any potential winnings or win conditions will be clear to understand.

    Now you're all set up and ready, online Bingo rules are pretty straightforward: match the numbers that are called and receive prizes for meeting certain criteria (e.g. numbers in a line, numbers forming two lines, all numbers on the card). Your card will most likely be filled with randomly allocated numbers.

    Two Advantages of Online Bingo

    Unlike live Bingo games, there are two common irritations you simply won't need to contend with during a game of online Bingo.

    When playing online Bingo there is usually no Bingo caller, but rather a random number generator (RNG) which is designed to keep the game randomized and fair for all. As the numbers are 'called' you'll be able to see clearly on-screen, with no noisy neighbours at the next table to put you off!

    Learning to play online Bingo is much easier when you know about the 'auto-mark' settings. This option, which is usually presented very clearly to players, allows you to let the software automatically mark any number which is called. In this way, you will never miss a number and potential prize again!

    playing bingo on phone or laptop

    Some Bingo sites pride themselves on a policy whereby if you do accidentally miss a number, they will award you your prize anyway. Every player's card and the numbers called are automatically tracked, so even if you do not have the auto-mark option selected, and prefer to mark your own cards, the site is able to correctly award prizes to each game's winning players.

    Learn the Online Bingo Rules for the Game You Want to Play

    Finally, don't forget that many different versions of online Bingo exist, from 75, 80 or 90-ball Bingo games to the fast and furious 30-ball versions!

    We recommend trying all versions to really get a feel for what you love about online Bingo, and zero in on the version that gives you the most pleasure – and winnings, of course!

    You'll find a wide range of different Bingo games available online, sometimes with fun themes or special features. Whichever Bingo game you end up playing, have fun, enjoy the special community feel that so many great Bingo sites are able to maintain, and of course good luck!

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