Online Live Blackjack

    It seems like every casino in the world features at least a few Blackjack tables! Whether you're playing at an online casino or visiting a physical resort casino in the flesh, you can be sure that this timeless game will be present in one form or another, and for a range of stakes.

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    Why Play Blackjack?

    There's no question it's one of the most popular table games in the world. We attribute the enduring popularity of this casino classic to three key elements:

    Being such an easy game to play – with a set and limited number of gameplay options at any one time – means Blackjack translates very well to traditional online casino play. Clear buttons and easy-to-follow gameplay make it a dream to play, even on a smaller mobile screen.

    Play Live Blackjack

    But live Blackjack has an appeal all its own. Many players will have been first introduced to the game at a live casino, where part of the appeal is the dealer you're playing with. If you've played live Blackjack you may well remember the most memorable of your dealers who may have entertained, encouraged, commiserated, chatted or even flirted with you while you played.

    Now, thanks to fast wireless connections and the near-borderless freedoms of the internet, it's possible to enjoy the live dealer experience from your own home, or from wherever you choose to play. Online live Blackjack is here to stay, and for good reason, so if you've not tried it yet we certainly recommend giving it a whirl!

    How to Play Live Blackjack

    Ready to play? For fans of live Blackjack Canada is a great place to be, as a good number of trustworthy and reputable online casinos offer this game. And finding the best online site to play live Blackjack will be your first step.

    Find the Right Live Blackjack Site

    When deciding where to play it's not just about how good-looking the dealers are! You want a site that will feature all the games you love to play, at stakes you're happy to play for and with a range of payment options that suit your particular needs.

    Live Blackjack Canada sites are evaluated and reviewed in our casino reviews section, so we'd make that our first port of call when it comes to getting started playing this game.

    Create an Account & Try the Games

    Once you've found a great place to play online live Blackjack, it's always a good idea to take a really good look around the site and make sure it has the games, layouts, user interface and options you're looking for.

    If it feels like a fun place to play (and if our reviews have given it the all-clear from a trustworthiness point-of-view) then check the games out! Many games are available to try for free.

    Deposit to Play Live Blackjack for Real Money

    Happy with the controls, the user experience and the selection of games on offer? Looks like it might be time to take the plunge and start playing for real money! If you do, don't forget to make the most of any welcome bonuses the casino offers to new players.

    These bonuses often take the form of additional credit to play casino games with 'house money'. Some may be tied to certain games, like specific Slots, for example, so if playing live Blackjack Canada-style is what you came to do, make sure any bonus funds you're eligible for are available for use at the online live Blackjack tables.

    Beat the Dealer!

    With a fully verified and funded account, you're ready to take on the dealers at live Blackjack! Most sites will offer a choice of stakes, and many will also feature tables with a choice of dealers – be that male or female, or native speakers of different languages. Make sure you find a dealer you want to play with, as you are the customer here and keeping you happy is what the casino wants to do!

    Live dealer blackjack

    Don't forget that wherever you play Blackjack – live, online or both at once with live dealer games – you are free to use at-a-glance strategy guides to help you make the best decisions. Search the web for 'Blackjack guide' to find a handy chart you can bookmark or even print out.

    Live Blackjack and Online – Differences and Similarities

    Ready for a completely new and different experience? Don't worry – it's not going to be anything you aren't expecting in terms of gameplay. Whether you're playing with a real dealer, turning and dealing physical cards in front of your eyes, or a fun piece of software running from a random number generator (RNG), the rules of the game are the same.

    On-screen options to Hit, Stand, Double Down and more will be easy to read and use, just as you'd expect. Just a couple of things to be prepared for:

    Make sure you pick a table in the correct language for you, as being able to chat and interact with your dealer is a huge part of the fun!

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