Online Craps

    When it comes to online Craps Canada is the place to be, as plenty of trustworthy and fun casinos offer this classic dice game to Canadian players.

    Our casino reviews section has a ton of online Craps sites where you can find the action running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find the best sites to play online Craps Canada-style, head check out our expert recommendations below!

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    Online Craps
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    Gambling with Dice is Centuries Old Fun!

    Dice are a simple tool in the arsenal of gambling games, yet in a way perhaps they are also one of the most sophisticated. Rolling a single die gives you six possibilities for an outcome, each of which is exactly as likely to occur as any other, no random number generator or algorithms required. Add another dice and suddenly you have 11 possible outcomes, with a range of varying probabilities behind each one.

    Play online craps

    It is said that peasants gambled with dice (or, more accurately, cubed animal bones) in the stands at the Roman Colosseum, making them a truly portable and useful piece of equipment for being able to play anywhere gambling action could be found.

    And the same still goes! If you've got dice, you've got the potential for a game. But now that's even more true for any internet-connected device because when it comes to online Craps Canada has plenty of options if you know where to look.

    How to Play Online Craps

    Just like any Canadian casino is likely to feature at least one Craps table, when it comes to online Craps Canada is well catered to as well.

    Craps tables can be a big draw for a physical casino, as they can attract big crowds having fun and winning together. For this reason, if you're searching for the Craps table in a land-based casino you won't have long to look: they don't hide them away, but keep them easy to see in the pit, where it is hoped the shouts and laughter of a busy table will draw players in.

    Known as one of the fastest and most action-packed games in a casino, Craps can be confusing or even intimidating to play for the first time. That raucous crowd around the table that builds such a great atmosphere can be off-putting if you're inexperienced or still learning the game. That's one of the great advantages of online Craps – you're free to play and learn at your own speed, without feeling any pressure from the crowd.

    So, now you know you don't need to feel the pressure from the crowd (or worry about accidentally rolling the dice off the table and onto the floor!), how is the game actually played?

    The Pass Line and the Come-Out Roll

    There are clearly some differences when it comes to live and online Craps. A live table will see the role of shooter – the person rolling the dice – move around from player to player. Obviously, when it comes to online Craps Canada betting sites put you right in the hotseat straight away! You won't need to wait your turn at any time, as you're the star of the show and in control at all times.

    To be the shooter at a live table, you must place a bet on the Pass/Don't Pass Line to be eligible. These are bets placed prior to the first roll at the table, known as the Come-Out Roll. While you don't need to place a Pass/Don't Pass wager to be the shooter in online Craps (a simple tap of the 'Roll' button usually shoots the dice), they're useful bets to understand.

    Come and Don't Come Bets

    These are similar to Pass/Don't Pass bets, but differ in that they are placed after the Come-Out roll.

    Odds Bets

    If you have a Pass/Don't Pass or Come/Don't Come wager placed, you may take advantage of Odds Bets. These are some of the best bets in online Craps, as they tend to pay out at true odds (the house edge in online Craps usually stems from the odds paid on the Pass Line and Come bets).

    playing craps on laptop

    Placing Odds bets on Pass Line/Come bets is known as 'taking odds', while wagering on Don't Pass/Don't Come bets is called 'laying odds'. In both cases, payouts vary depending on what the point is.

    Place Bets

    You can make these bets any time after the come-out roll, betting on any of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 to be rolled before a 7.

    Casino Table Games

    In a live casino, Craps is played at a (usually busy, noisy and exciting) table, with plenty of room for a detailed gambling layout and for the shooter to roll the dice. When playing online Craps on a computer or other device there may be no actual table to lean on, but online Craps is still considered a casino table game.

    Other fun and exciting casino tables games to be found online include

    These games, like online Craps, are available at multiple online casinos, so you always have plenty of options available.

    If you're ready to find a great new casino site to try table games for yourself, including a hassle-free game of online Craps Canada-style, visit our casino reviews section and find the best sites offering these games to players in Canada.

    And don't forget: when signing up to a new casino site always make sure you know about their welcome bonuses, as these are some of the best deals in online gaming!

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