Online Keno in Canada

    Online keno is among the most easy-to-play games you’ll find in Canada. Although it’s less widely known than casino table games like blackjack and roulette, it’s just as easy to play. You’ll find online keno in Canada at all the top casinos.

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    What is Online Keno

    Keno is sometimes referred to as a lottery, and that’s quite accurate. However, while a regular lottery has a fixed set of numbers to choose from, keno allows you to make the decision of how many numbers to choose.

    Part of the appeal of online keno is that it’s incredibly easy to learn, anybody can play, and there are gigantic prizes on the line if you get lucky.

    How to play keno

    If you’re wondering how to play online keno, we have good news – it’s really straightforward.

    Keno is a lottery-style game with 80 numbers to choose from. Of these 80 numbered balls, 20 will be drawn from a digital basket. Your aim is to correctly predict which numbers will come up, just like in a regular lottery.


    One key difference between keno and standard lotteries is that it’s up to you how many numbers you pick. If you like, you can just choose one number, and have 20 shots at hitting it. At most online keno casinos in Canada, the maximum number of balls you can choose is 15 – but don’t get your hopes up, as there’s only a 1 in 428,010,179,098 chance of landing all of them!

    Once the 20 balls have been picked, you’ll receive any prizes you may have won. In online keno, you don’t need to get every number correct in order to win. For example, if you bet CA$1 on four numbers and only land two, you’ll still win your CA$1 back. If you hit three of the four numbers, you’ll earn CA$5.

    Keno pay table

    There are many different outcomes in online keno, as you can choose up to 15 numbers and hit anywhere from zero to fifteen of them. The easiest way to check your odds and likelihood of winning is through a simple online keno payout chart.

    Here are all the essential online keno odds for up to 10 numbers:

    Numbers chosenMatchesPayout (per CA$1 bet)Probability
    1121 in 4
    22101 in 17
    33251 in 73
    3221 in 8
    44501 in 327
    4351 in 24
    4211 in 5
    555001 in 1,551
    54151 in 83
    5321 in 12
    6615001 in 7,753
    65501 in 324
    6451 in 36
    6311 in 8
    7750001 in 40,980
    761501 in 1,366
    75151 in 116
    7421 in 20
    7311 in 6
    88150001 in 230,115
    874001 in 6,233
    86501 in 423
    85101 in 55
    8421 in 13
    99250001 in 1,380,688
    9825001 in 30,682
    972001 in 1,691
    96251 in 175
    9541 in 31
    9411 in 9
    1010200,0001 in 8,911,712
    10910,0001 in 163,382
    1085001 in 7,385
    107501 in 621
    106101 in 88
    10531 in 20
    10431 in 22

    How does keno compare to table games?

    The most popular online casino table games all have a few things in common. They have simple rules, are easy to pick up and play, and offer exciting prizes.

    Online keno ticks all of those boxes. The aim of the game is simply to pick numbers at random, so there’s almost no learning curve. You can play for very low stakes – usually CA$1 – or bet much more. And the fact that choosing 10 or more numbers has such a big prize attached to it means that it’s ideal for players who like other big-money games, like progressive jackpot slots.

    Where can I play online keno?

    If you want to play online keno in Canada, you can find several websites which offer the game right here.

    girl playing keno

    All casinos featured on Casino Rider are focused on players in Canada and most offer some version of online keno. You’ll find recommended casinos on this page. Feel free to browse through them and sign up to the one which suits you best.

    Online keno strategy

    Because online keno is a lottery-style game, you might think there’s no strategy involved – but there is.

    You’ve probably heard somewhere that keno has a massive house edge. This can be true, but it really depends on how many numbers you choose.

    Here are three essential online keno tips:

    Don’t pick just one number

    If you’ve never played online keno before, you’ll probably want to start slow. Picking one number might seem like the sensible option. However, picking a solitary number is your worst choice. It has a return to player (RTP) of just 75%.

    When picking your numbers, aim for somewhere between four and eight numbers in total. This is the area where you’ll be able to pick up bigger rewards when you hit, and not just hand the house a major edge like you would with one number.

    The numbers don’t matter

    As much as we like to think we have a lucky number, have spotted a pattern, or can see that numbers are running hot – it’s all meaningless. There is just as much chance of the number 1 ball coming out as the number 80 ball, and each one in between.

    Try not to get emotionally invested in your numbers, as this could cause you to chase your losses. Instead, look at keno in practical terms, considering the RTPs and ignoring any emotional connection to certain numbers. You can still play your favourite numbers, but just remember they’re not guaranteed to hit at all.

    Grab a bonus

    Even when avoiding the single number option, online keno still has a pretty chunky house edge. The casinos know this, and therefore offer several keno bonuses. Make sure you grab one, as this can reduce your losses and therefore the house edge – at least in the short-term, while your bonus lasts.

    If you want to find a list of online keno bonuses, look no further than this page. We’ve already explored the best online keno casinos for Canadian players. You can follow the links provided to automatically receive the best welcome bonuses available.

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