How to Play Online Keno

    If you’re not sure how to play online keno, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. Our experts are here to show you how to play keno, walk you through the online keno rules, and show you which online casinos offer the best keno games for players in Canada.

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    Play Keno Now!

    If you’re already familiar with how to play online keno, you can use the links provided to sign up at our top-recommended keno casinos. Or you can keep reading to learn the online keno rules and arm yourself with the knowledge to play with confidence.

    Round-the-clock lotteries

    The history of keno traces back to China, and rumour even has it that keno-style lotteries helped fund the Great Wall of China. Its simple premise is what has helped it stand the test of time; pick some numbers, and hope that they land.

    Lotteries are not a new concept, and many people play their country’s national lotteries – even if they aren’t big gamblers. For example, you might play a weekly ticket on the 6/49 lottery. Keno is essentially just like a lottery, but available much more frequently.

    If you’re a fan of simplistic casino games with potentially huge payouts, you’ll certainly want to learn how to play keno.

    How does it work?

    Keno is a really simple game. A board is numbered from 1-80, and you can choose anywhere from 1-20 numbers. The more you choose, the more you stand to win. Just be careful – the odds of choosing 20 numbers and hitting every one is a remarkable 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320!

    How to play online keno

    Once you’ve chosen your numbers, you simply sit back and hope to hit while the machine randomly selects 20 numbers. It’s not like live bingo, where you need to pay attention in case you miss one of your numbers. In online keno rules, all of the numbers are tallied up automatically, making it fool-proof (like online roulette).

    At the end of the round, you receive any winnings and return to selecting your numbers. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you may have seen video keno machines with bright lights and a blaring siren signalling a big win. Although the odds are stacked against you, there most certainly are big wins in online keno.

    Keno payouts

    You may have heard that keno is an impossible game to beat, but that’s only true when you select tonnes of numbers. If you only go for one, two or three numbers, you may find you win quite frequently.

    Keno payouts vary wildly depending on how many numbers you select. When you’re first learning how to play online keno, it’s a good idea to only choose a couple of numbers while you get the hang of things. You should quickly figure out the very limited online keno rules, and then you can decide whether you want to go for a more outlandish score.

    Here’s how much you’ll receive if you guess up to 10 numbers in keno:

    Numbers chosenMatchesPayout (per CA$1 bet)Probability
    1121 in 4
    22101 in 17
    33251 in 73
    3221 in 8
    44501 in 327
    4351 in 24
    4211 in 5
    555001 in 1,551
    54151 in 83
    5321 in 12
    661,5001 in 7,753
    65501 in 324
    6451 in 36
    6311 in 8
    775,0001 in 40,980
    761501 in 1,366
    75151 in 116
    7421 in 20
    7311 in 6
    8815,0001 in 230,115
    874001 in 6,233
    86501 in 423
    85101 in 55
    8421 in 13
    9925,0001 in 1,380,688
    982,5001 in 30,682
    972001 in 1,691
    96251 in 175
    9541 in 31
    9411 in 9
    1010200,0001 in 8,911,712
    10910,0001 in 163,382
    1085001 in 7,385
    107501 in 621
    106101 in 88
    10531 in 20
    10031 in 22

    Where can I play online keno?

    Now that you know exactly how to play online keno, you’re probably keen to get some first-hand experience.

    Play Keno

    Follow any of the links on this page to find some of the best keno casinos around. One click will take you straight to the most up-to-date welcome bonus, giving your bankroll a boost and allowing for even more keno!

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