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    Want to learn more about online live roulette? You’re in the right place! This expert guide will show you what live roulette is and where to play it. We’ll walk you through the key differences between live roulette and regular roulette, plus an explanation of how to play live roulette.

    Read our full guide to live roulette below, or visit any of the recommended online casinos on this page to play live roulette in Canada.

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    What is online live roulette?

    When we talk about live roulette, the term ‘live’ can be a bit confusing. Does that mean you have to be there in person, or can you play live roulette online?

    Play live roulette

    For the most part, ‘live roulette’ is a game which can be played online. The reason it’s called live roulette is because all of the action is happening live, with real dealers and real players interacting, and all in real time. Of course, people may be referring to physically being in a casino when they say ’live roulette’. But, for the purpose of this guide, know that we are referring to the online version.

    The difference between online live roulette and ‘normal’ roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino is that you can play from your device. Many see live roulette as the perfect combination between online play and the live experience.

    Live roulette vs standard roulette

    So, what’s better – live roulette or regular roulette? Here, our experts will go through some of the key pros and cons to help you decide which version works best for you.

    Live roulette

    Online live roulette takes place in a real-life casino, or a special studio, which has been designed with live roulette in mind. Cameras stream the action direct to the betting site, meaning you can enjoy live roulette in Canada without leaving your home.

    Real interaction with the dealer is possible, and they will frequently respond to your questions and comments as if you were sitting in a real casino. Plus, you can chat to other players at the table.

    Live roulette is available in different stakes, and the same dealers feature regularly at specific sites. Much like standard roulette, you place your bets by clicking or tapping on the table before the croupier spins the wheel and reveals the winning number.

    Standard roulette

    Unlike live roulette, regular online roulette has no human dealer. You may hear a human voice to announce the end of betting or the outcome, but this is pre-recorded.

    Instead, you’ll see a digital roulette table where you can place digital chips. At most roulette sites in Canada, there are no depictions of people around the table nor lively action – the focus is very much on the table and the next spin.

    Which version is better?

    Which of the two you prefer is largely down to personal preference. If you prefer the buzz of speaking to a real dealer, seeing the live action unfold, and enjoying a bit of chat with your fellow players, online live roulette will be better for you.

    If you prefer things to be more automated and simply want to blast through some roulette spins without speaking to other people, standard roulette will be the better choice.

    Exclusive live roulette bonuses

    Many sites which offer live roulette in Canada will also give you exclusive bonuses. Live casino games are a big part of the business, but some players are cautious when first dipping their toe in the water. That’s why many of the top sites run live roulette bonuses.

    Live roulette bonuses

    By adding online live roulette to your repertoire of games, you’ll have access to more bonuses that you can take advantage of. You may find that you receive a deposit bonus, or a certain number of free casino chips, which can only be used on live roulette.

    Claim your live roulette bonus

    If you want to get maximum value for money on your casino investments, make sure you’re open to live roulette so that you can snatch up any offers that pop up. If you fancy getting some extra value on live roulette right now, just check out any of the highly recommended casinos on this page. Each of them offers live roulette and there are frequent bonuses.

    Is live roulette rigged?

    Research any casino game and you’ll find people online claiming it’s rigged. But even sceptics would find it difficult to argue that live roulette is rigged.

    Everything happens via a live stream, which gives you a perfect view of the table, the croupier, the wheel, and everything else in the surrounding area. In the event that anything goes wrong – like the roulette ball not landing in a slot properly – senior management is called in to make a ruling, just like in brick-and-mortar casinos.

    Finding a safe game

    The only thing you need to do to make sure your live roulette game is safe is to choose a trustworthy online casino. If they have a valid gambling licence and a solid reputation, you can go into the game knowing that there won’t be any funny business.

    If you want to find a game of live roulette which is completely safe, why not visit one of the casinos listed on this page? They’ve all been tested first-hand by our experts and have some of the best live roulette options available.

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