Online Roulette Strategy

    If you need to find the best online roulette strategy around, this is the page you’ve been looking for. Our experts have years of experience and are here to concisely explain the top roulette strategies. Once you’re ready to get started, you can sign up to some of Canada’s best online casinos via the links on this page, all of which offer real money online roulette.

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    Online Roulette Strategy
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    What are roulette strategies?

    Roulette strategies are a way of betting on roulette following a set of rules, rather than doing so on a whim. In theory, some players believe following these systems will lead them to win.

    Can I guarantee wins in roulette?

    Despite what some people may believe, there is no way to guarantee yourself profit by using a clever roulette strategy, because the house edge means the house should win in the long run.

    Best roulette strategy

    However, a solid roulette strategy can help give you a better chance of winning than random betting will. One good way to find out which strategy suits you best is to try free roulette. Strategy after strategy can be tested without any real money changing hands, and you can then carry the skills you’ve learnt over to the real money tables.

    What are the best roulette strategies?

    While a roulette strategy might not guarantee you profit, there are still plenty of sound tips you may want to incorporate into your game. Below, we’ll briefly explore some of the most popular online roulette strategies. Pick your favourite, then try it out at one of the highly recommended Canadian casinos on this page.

    Martingale strategy

    The Martingale strategy is very straightforward – if you lose, you double your bet. Keep doing this until you win and, when you do, return back to your starting stake.

    In theory, this sounds logical. After all, if you keep betting on red, it will come up eventually. But there are two issues: one is whether you have enough money to make the bets required on a losing streak, and the other is whether the casino has a bet size limit.

    Reverse Martingale strategy

    As the name suggests, this is an offshoot of the Martingale strategy but in reverse. Instead of doubling on the loss, you double on the win, which means your biggest bets are made using profit. It will only pay off if you hit a winning streak – and know when to stop.

    Grand Martingale strategy

    This is like the original Martingale strategy but with added gambling. Every time you lose, you double your bet plus you add on the original stake. You’ll need deep pockets to stick with this roulette strategy.

    Fibonacci strategy

    The Fibonacci sequence is a famous string of numbers, used in everything from college-level maths to stock trading. You can also use it as part of your roulette strategy. The sequence begins with 1-1, then each number is the sum of the previous two. So, it begins 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55 and so on. Bet on an even-odds outcome and increase the stake based on the sequence (i.e., one bet, one bet, two bets, three bets, five bets, eight bets and so on).

    D’Alembert strategy

    The D’Alembert strategy is like a more conservative version of the Martingale strategy; instead of doubling your losing bet, you just increase the stake by one bet. When you win, you decrease your stake by one bet.

    James Bond strategy

    If you’re not easily shaken (nor stirred), you can try the James Bond roulette strategy. There are three components to each round of betting, based on a bet of CA$200. You’ll need to bet:

    Roulette table

    For a cheaper version of this bet, you could divide each bet by 10. Using this system, you should win about two thirds of the time, but if you miss you’re in trouble.

    Consistent betting strategy

    This is an online roulette strategy that you may have come across by accident. The consistent betting strategy simply entails making the same-sized bet over and over. For example, you might invest CA$20 and bet CA$1 each turn until your cash has depleted, or you hit your target and cash out. It’s not an ideal roulette strategy but it’s extremely easy (and natural) to remember.

    All-in strategy

    This is, by any measurement, a poor roulette strategy. The all-in strategy is often reserved for people who are not overly interested in roulette, or are rushing things in the hope of grabbing a quick win. With the all-in roulette strategy, you simply put all of your chips in on one bet – usually choosing a specific number. If it lands, you’ll make a huge return. But, with just one number covered and one chance to hit, the odds are heavily stacked against you.

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