How to Play Online Rummy in Canada

    Looking to find out how to play online rummy? This guide will tell you everything you need to know including online rummy rules, how many players take part, what you can win, how gameplay works and much more. By the end, you’ll be a regular online rummy expert!

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    How to Play Rummy
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    Play Rummy Now!

    If you already know how to play online rummy and just want to find some top casinos which offer the game, you can start with the links to casinos provided on this page. Online rummy is notoriously hard to find, but our experts update the links on this page regularly with casinos which offer the widest selection of games.

    Or, if you want to learn all about online rummy rules, scroll down to explore our full guide.

    Online rummy rules

    Online rummy can be played with anywhere from two to six players. It’s a game which combines skill and luck, and requires fellow players to join the game before you can begin – much like regular poker.

    The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards. You can do this by turning them into sets and sequences.

    How to play rummy

    Play moves round in a clockwise direction. On your turn, you’ll have the choice to either pick up a card which was previously discarded by another player, or draw from the deck at random. Once you’ve picked up, play moves on to the next player.

    Based on traditional online rummy rules, the game ends when one player is able to get rid of all of their cards.

    Different versions of online rummy

    There are several versions of online rummy. For the purpose of this guide, our experts will focus on the most common online casino version – but here’s a quick summary of the various types available:

    Points rummy

    Before the game, a stake is set for each point. After the hand, your remaining cards are given a points value. An ace is worth one point, twos are worth two points, threes are three points and so on. Tens through kings are worth ten points each.

    The winner, having gotten rid of all their cards, has no points. The other players must pay an amount based on their points. For example, if each point is worth CA$0.10 and you’re holding K-Q-6, you’ll have a points total of 26 and pay CA$2.60.

    Deals rummy

    In deals rummy, instead of points, cash is awarded based on each round (or ‘deal’). Before play begins, a set number of rounds is agreed upon. For instance, four players could agree on five rounds at CA$5 per round. Each win would net you CA$20, so you’d need to win at least two rounds out of the five to walk away in profit.

    Pool rummy

    If you know how to play points rummy, you can transfer that knowledge to pool rummy. The only difference is that, instead of payments being made at the end of each round, players are instead knocked out of the tournament when they hit a certain threshold of points. For example, players could be eliminated when they reach 101 points. The final player remaining wins the money.

    Three-card rummy

    This shares the name rummy but is quite different to the traditional game, much like casino poker is different to regular poker. In three-card rummy, players take on the house directly. You’ll be dealt three cards and have the choice to fold or raise. If you can beat the dealer, you’ll win the pot.

    Making a hand

    A huge part of learning how to play online rummy is about understanding the best way to make a hand. The key is to know which cards to keep and which to discard in order to make sets and sequences.

    Here’s an explanation of what sets and sequences are:


    A set is three or more cards of the same value. For example, 4h-4s-4d or Jh-Jd-Jc-Js. Depending on the specific online rummy rules being used, you may also be able to swap one card out for a wild in order to make a set.


    Sequences are cards that run consecutively and are of the same suit. Regular sequences, or ‘impure sequences’, use a wild card in place of one of the cards. For instance, 4h-5h-Qs-7h is one example of an impure sequence in which queens are wild. The card used to replace the missing card depends on the online rummy rules of your game, and which cards are wild.

    Pure sequences

    A pure sequence is the same as an impure sequence, but with no wild or joker used. An example of a pure sequence is 8s-9s-10s-Js, with all cards running consecutively and being of the same suit. In order to win the hand, most rules stating how to play rummy dictate that you need at least one pure sequence.

    Where can I play online rummy?

    Now that you know how to play online rummy, you’re probably eager to check out some sites which allow you to play for real money.

    Online rummy is quite a tough game to find online, especially if you want to play for real cash in Canada. However, the game is still available at some online casinos.

    The best approach is to target online casinos which frequently refresh and update their games. Many casinos have variations of online rummy, tailored to casino play.

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