How to Play Online Sic Bo

    The meaning of the Chinese term Sic Bo translates as 'precious dice'; an appropriate name for this entertaining casino table game as all the action centres around three six-sided dice. Wagers are placed on the roll of three dice, with many different gambling opportunities available regarding the results of the roll.

    Sic Bo and Roulette

    Other names for this ancient game include 'big and small' and 'hi/lo', which should give newcomers a hint as to what the game involves. The rules of online Sic Bo share many similarities with those of Roulette, as both games invite players to gamble on a final numerical result – which itself also falls into several categories which can be independently wagered upon. These similarities to such a well-known classic make it easy to learn how to play online Sic Bo, even if you're completely new to the game.

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    To illustrate, Roulette offers bets on the final number result alongside variables such as high/low, odd/even, red/black, etc. Sic Bo, by comparison, offers wagers on the final number but also the constituent dice rolls that make up that number. So, for example, you can bet on a two-dice total of 7 by betting on 5+2, 4+3 and/or 6+1, or simply bet that the final roll will be of a value higher or lower than 11.

    Different wagers pay varying returns, and not every online casino will necessarily offer the exact same payouts. When learning how to play online Sic Bo it's important to remember that not every casino is the same. For an independent, in-depth look at which casino is best for Canadian players today, head on over to our reviews section.

    How To Play Online Sic Bo: Step by Step

    Even if you're completely new to the game, you'll find the rules of online Sic Bo easy to pick up, and getting started is super simple too.

    Find the Best Place to Play

    You'll want to play somewhere with good odds for winning Sic Bo bets, as well as an online casino that is known for being trustworthy, reliable, and quick to pay out on withdrawals.

    Our casino reviews section is filled with the best value online casinos we can find for players in Canada – as well as those with the best welcome offers – so if you haven't yet decided on a place to play, we'd recommend it as a great place to start.

    Deposit and Play for Real Money, or Try For Free

    Many online casinos will let you learn how to play online Sic Bo with ease thanks to their 'fun' tables. These can usually be played without even registering so much as an email address (although obviously you will not win any money doing so), and give you a great feel for how any particular online casino operates their Sic Bo games.

    Online Sic-bo on mobile

    It's a quick game to pick up, so once you're confident you know how to play Sic Bo it's probably time to make it a little more interesting and get some money on the table. Create an account, head to the Cashier and select your deposit method and amount.

    But wait! Don't forget the golden rule! If this is your first deposit at this particular online casino you will be eligible for their welcome bonus – a generous offer available exclusively to new players. These are usually a site's most value-packed deals, so not taking advantage of them is a mistake you don't want to make!

    Examine the Layout & Place Your Bets

    Much like Roulette, the action at a Sic Bo table takes place on a layout showing every available wager. To place a bet you simply select your currency unit and click on the relevant section of the layout until you have wagered the amount you desire. You can make multiple bets on different sections of the layout – just remember the table will have a collective maximum limit.

    Each section of the layout will make explicit what you are betting on, as well as the return on winning bets. For example, when betting on Big or Small, the layout for each will likely read something similar to:

    This indicates that a bet on Small is on a result between 4-10, Big is a result between 11-17, and both pay even money.

    When betting on the total sum of all three dice, you'll notice that the payouts vary dramatically depending on how likely or unlikely each result is. A result of 4, for example (which could only be made from a 1+1+2) will pay out much more than a result of 11, which is more likely to hit.

    It's in these areas that some online casinos may differ in the returns they pay. This is why learning how to play online Sic Bo is different from just learning how to play Sic Bo: you have to make sure you have selected the right casino from the get-go! With so much choice available, you should be able to find an online casino that gives a little extra juice to its Sic Bo players.

    Roll The Dice!

    Got your bets placed? Then it's time to hit the Roll button and see what happens! With three dice rolled, the action comes a lot faster and more frenetic than in Roulette, where the wheel must be spun and slowed to a stop for every round.

    In just a second or two, the winning result will be clearly displayed and any winning bets will be paid out. Depending on the casino, or possibly your table settings, winnings may stay on the layout where they were paid until you click to collect them. If this is the case, be careful not to accidentally 'let it ride' and gamble your winnings without meaning to. Collect your winnings after every round to be sure.

    So now you know how to play online Sic Bo, there's nothing stopping you! Head to our reviews section now for our top recommendations on the best places to play, and get started. Good luck!

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