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    The fast, fun dice game of Sic Bo is an international hit that originated in ancient China, and as such it goes by many names. Whether you're playing a game of 'dai siu', 'hi-lo' or 'dai sai', the rules and play of the game will likely be identical to Sic Bo.

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    Sic Bo Basics

    It's a simple game to play: three dice are rolled, and players wager on what the results of that roll will be. Similar to Roulette, a range of different gambling categories exist within the event of that dice roll. But instead of betting on odd/even, red/black or a number grouping on the Roulette betting layout, players are invited to gamble on wagers such as rolling doubles, triples, specific totals or high or low numbers, for example.

    Calculating Sic-Bo odds

    Each of these outcomes has a certain probability of occuring and pays out different amounts accordingly. As Sic Bo is a casino table game, there is a certain amount of 'house edge' a player is giving up for each wager. Understanding online Sic Bo odds gives you a good grasp of what those probabilities actually are, compared to the payouts advertized on the game's layout.

    Therefore, you should be aware of some online Sic Bo odds to ensure you find the best place to play (not every operator pays out the same amounts), not to mention to identify the best (and worst) gambling opportunities in the game. Even a basic understanding of online Sic Bo odds will aid you in taking your chance to win online Sic Bo.

    Give Yourself the Best Chance to Win Online Sic Bo

    Here we're going to take a look at some of the most popular wagers, and how those true online Sic Bo odds compare to the payouts offered by many casinos.

    Low Edge Bets

    When it comes to Roulette, red/black and odd/even are considered even-money wagers, as they pay 1:1 and the result is basically a 50/50 coin flip. Except, of course, it isn't! The presence of a zero/double zero on a Roulette wheel changes the probability, as these numbers are neither odd nor even, red nor black, so the gamble is not actually a 50/50 proposition.

    A similar thing is in effect with the even money bets at Sic Bo. Big (11-17) or Small (4-10) is a binary choice and so even-money seems obvious. Yet neither Big nor Small include any triples (e.g. 3x4s equal 12, but this would not count as Big), which gives the house its edge. The same thing goes for Odd/Even wagers.

    Sic Bo winning

    So, when it comes to online Sic Bo odds, Big/Small and Odd/Even may pay even-money, but each actually has a probability of 48.61% rather than 50%, giving the house an edge of 2.78%.

    This is usually the lowest house edge of any Sic Bo wager. Certain dice combination bets also have an edge of around 2.8%, making them a good option to increase your chance to win online Sic Bo.

    High Edge Bets

    At the other end of the scale, some online Sic Bo odds are more heavily weighted in favor of the casino. Depending on where you play, certain wagers may carry a house edge of up to 29.2%, making these plays inadvisable. We're not saying you should never give them a whirl if you're on a roll or feeling lucky, but you're simply giving up too much value to the house for these bets to help you win at online Sic Bo long-term.

    Let's take a look at some of the wagers with the highest house edge.

    This bet has a winning probability of under 1.5% but pays out at 50:1 for a huge 29.2% house edge (some operators may pay out at 60:1 for a lesser, but still significant, house edge of 15.3%). Note that not every online Sic Bo game will necessarily offer this wager.

    In online Sic Bo odds of rolling any double are identical, with a probability of 7.41%, but these bets usually pay out at 10:1 for a house edge of around 18.5%. Some casinos, notably physical casinos in Macau, pay out as low as 8:1 on this wager for a house edge of over 33%

    The online Sic Bo odds of rolling specific three-dice totals varies depending on the number, and so does the house edge in play. Generally speaking, the best value bets in this range are 9 or 12 (pays 7:1, house edge of 7.4%), 7 or 14 (pays 12:1, house edge of 9.7%). The worst three-dice totals in terms of sacrificing value are 4 or 17 (pays 60:1, house edge of 15.3%), 5 or 16 (pays 30:1, house edge of 13.9%).

    Find the Best Online Sic Bo Odds

    An important thing to remember when selecting a casino site to play Sic Bo is that not every game of Sic Bo pays out the same odds. While Roulette payouts are very standardized, there are geographical differences in Sic Bo odds and these can translate to online Sic Bo odds.

    Casinos in Macau tend to offer worse odds than many of those found elsewhere, and when choosing a casino site to play at you should make sure you have opted for one where the odds are stacked a little more in your favor. If you are being offered odds worse than those detailed above, it's probably time to look elsewhere.

    And if you do, don't forget our casino reviews section, where you can quickly and easily find all the information you need to decide on a new casino site to play at. Use your knowledge of online Sic Bo odds to make smart decisions at the table, and use our casino reviews to find the right table!

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