Online Sic Bo Strategy

    It's one of the greatest and most exciting dice games you can find at any casino, as well as one of the fastest and most action-packed gambling opportunities around!

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    Sic Bo Basics

    Online Sic Bo plays just like its physical equivalent:

    The only difference you're likely to find between online Sic Bo and the version found at traditional land-based casinos is the speed. Sic Bo has many similarities with Roulette, but the difference in the time it takes to roll three dice and spin a Roulette wheel is significant. As a result, Sic Bo packs in more action than Roulette – and many other casino table games besides!

    Develop Your Own Sic Bo Strategy

    Whether establishing a specific online Sic Bo strategy or a traditional Sic Bo strategy, you should be aware of one key element: the result of the dice roll is random.

    Physical casinos invest heavily in making sure all equipment they use, from Roulette wheels to decks of cards to dice and more, is completely fair and free of any flaws or imperfections that would favour one result over any other.

    Finding the right Sic-Bo strategy

    Online casino sites take this just as seriously, utilizing sophisticated random number generator (RNGs) software to ensure the randomness of spins, rolls and draws in their casino games.

    The result of this investment in true unpredictability means that it is not possible to accurately predict the outcome of any random event. Roulette tables, both online and in physical casinos, will often display a readout of the most recently hit numbers. Sic Bo tables may do this too, and some gamblers may enjoy studying the results in an attempt to inform their guesses about the next roll.

    But sensible gamblers realize it's simply not possible to use past results to predict future ones. Therefore any online Sic Bo strategy, or any Sic Bo strategy at all, must address this truth at the heart of the game. If you hear about an online Sic Bo strategy or technique that claims to be able to regularly predict a random outcome based on anything but luck, take that advice with a big pinch of salt!

    Random results are random, period, but that sure doesn't mean it's not possible to play Sic Bo and win. And with experience and over time, developing a personal online Sic Bo strategy is something many players will do instinctively.

    These online Sic Bo strategy types tend to fall into two categories: wagering strategies and best-odds awareness.

    Sic Bo Strategy Borrowed from Roulette

    Wagering strategies for Sic Bo are often better known when applied to Roulette. As the games are so similar, particularly in the way player action cannot affect the outcome, many strategies of this kind that were originated or first described for Roulette can make for decent online Sic Bo strategy.

    These wagering strategies are based in mathematics, focus on even-money bets and aim to design a betting strategy that will cover any losses and hopefully result in a win. These include:

    As these online Sic Bo strategies relate exclusively to the amounts you are wagering, they can usually be used for any gambling game where even money bets are available.

    Taking the Best Odds

    The other way it's possible to develop an online Sic Bo strategy, but without sticking to even money bets (or needing a huge bankroll with which you can keep doubling or increasing your bet sizes) is to be aware of the best odds available at a Sic Bo table.

    The Sic Bo layout will clearly display the payouts for each wager available, so one very obvious way to improve your chances is to play at tables with the best payouts. Many Sic Bo tables will be standardized in terms of their payouts, but they won't all necessarily be the same.

    Sic-Bo win

    Specific triples, for example (i.e. identical results on each of the three dice), usually pay out at 180:1 in many western casinos, while casinos in Macau tend to pay out only 150:1. Similarly, Macau casinos tend to pay out any triples at 24:1, while many western casinos will offer better payout odds of 30:1.

    In a similar vein, different wagers in the game of Sic Bo have varying amounts of house edge – the degree to which the casino is more likely to win than the player. Even money bets like Big/Small, as well as combination bets, tend to have the least house edge so should be carefully considered when placing your bets before the roll.

    Getting the best odds you can get is one shortcut to a rational online Sic Bo strategy and should be a priority for any gambler at any game! Luckily, our casino reviews make it easy to find the best odds online for any casino game, so make that your first port of call when choosing to develop your own online Sic Bo strategy.

    Keep Your Head and Avoid Tilt

    There are ways to make sure you give yourself the best chances to win at online Sic Bo, but no online Sic Bo strategy is foolproof or guaranteed to make you a winner at the game. However, it's such a fun, fast and action-packed game that taking a chance on the roll of those dice is a thrill whether you are thinking strategically or not.

    It may sound obvious, but the best advice for games of chance like Roulette of Sic Bo is to never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Give yourself the best chance to win, but never chase losses or play when you're feeling down.

    Keep this and the above advice in mind, and enjoy playing online Sic Bo!

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