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    When we think of casinos most of us conjure up images of Vegas-style hotel resorts, crammed with exciting games, in-house entertainment and the bright lights and ringing bells of electric spinning reels.

    They can be thrilling places to be, yet the fun and games to be enjoyed at casinos today are a far cry from where they started out. The very first casino opened almost 400 years ago in 1638, on Venice's Grand Canal (incredibly, it's still there today). The gaming on offer back then at the Casino di Venezia must have looked very different to the razzle dazzle of today's casinos, but we're sure that if the casino's original patrons could have swapped their experiences for those of the modern age, they would have jumped at the chance.

    That's because technology has always pushed gaming forwards, giving gamblers new ways to play, win, and have fun. And just as technology has improved physical casinos over the years, it has also enabled the amazing next step in casino evolution: the online casino.

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    Online Casinos
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    Amok Casino
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    Online Casinos in Canada

    The first legal online casino launched in Canada in 2004, and now us Canadians are spoilt for choice when it comes to first class, free online casinos in Canada, whether we're at home or out and about.

    Online casino games in Canada

    Choosing a new place to play can seem daunting; there are so many choices, and without some insider knowledge it can be difficult to know whether a particular casino is offering a good deal. It's natural to have questions, and we want to make it easy for our readers to find out just what they need to know. Things like:

    Casinos Without Registration

    What are they? How easy is it to create a new casino account? What information does an online casino really need to know about its customers, and why?

    New Casinos

    It seems like new casinos are springing up every day, but which ones offer the best value, the most games and the greatest customer experience?

    Live Casinos in Canada

    How do online casinos in Canada compare with their physical, land-based alternatives? Can greater choice and game selection ever make up for the absence of free cocktails?!?

    We know that comparing all your many options can be confusing, and even overwhelming at times. It requires time and research to make sure you get a superior playing experience and the best value from any deposit offers. That's why our experts have focused on bringing you the most useful information in our exhaustive collection of up-to-date online casino reviews.

    Casino Reviews

    Our famous casino reviews are written by experts who know exactly what separates an average casino experience from a great one. We don't sugar-coat it: we'll give you just what you need to know to make an informed decision on the best and most trusted online casinos in Canada.

    We also know that what works for one reader won't necessarily be right for another. Everyone has different wants and needs, whether that's a particular Slots game that you don't want to do without, Live Dealer games to help bring your online casino experience to life, or a wider range of payment methods to cater to your specific situation.

    And just as each player is different, no two online casinos are quite the same. Using our great selection of online casino reviews, you can find the right casino for you and have all the information you need to get started playing in no time.

    Check them out now – we know you'll find what you're looking for!

    Casino Games

    Physical casinos are entertaining places in which to hang out, filled with amusements, cocktail bars, restaurants and other attractions.

    Of course, online casinos aren't quite the same in that way, but when it comes to the #1 reason people actually visit casinos – the games – you're sure to find that online casinos have their landlocked cousins beat, hands down!

    Dices, poker chips, Canadian flag

    That's because an online casino is not limited by its physical size. They don't have to decide whether to sacrifice Blackjack tables for another bank of Slots, for example, because they can handle as many games at once as they like. The result is a) a much wider variety of games, and b) zero waiting times to play them!

    Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular games you'll find at Canadian online casinos.


    One of the world's most popular gambling games, we're sure you'll find Blackjack on offer at pretty much any casino you try – both live and online!

    Played against a dealer, Blackjack challenges you to draw cards until they add up to 21, or as close to it as you dare, without going over that magic number. The dealer will be trying to do the same, but if you get a higher score – or if they bust – you'll be collecting even money on your wager.

    Blackjack, or a score of 21 in just 2 cards, will usually pay out higher, while a range of other optional bets such as insurance, splits and double downs can be used to boost your winnings even more.

    There are two areas where online Blackjack has a real edge over the land-based game. Firstly, online casinos accept lower stakes than physical casinos, meaning it's possible to play like a high roller without having the bank balance of Joey Votto! Secondly, the nature of digital gaming means it's possible for a whole bunch of fun twists and variants to be created. If you thought regular Blackjack was fun, just wait til you try the likes of Multi-Hand, VIP, 3D or Immersive Blackjack!

    And if you're still not convinced that online casinos are where it's at for the best Blackjack around, if you're missing the intimacy and excitement of taking on a real dealer, then just check out the Live Dealer Blackjack games available online. Just like it sounds, you get to face off against a real croupier, and watch them turn every card in front of your eyes. Best of both worlds? You got it!


    A favourite for casinos (they don't need salaried dealers or croupiers to operate), Slots games are also a big favourite for gamblers. Fast, fun action, with a small outlay and a big potential upside, the biggest problem with Slots at a physical casino is that sometimes they're just too popular!

    Anyone who's had to wait for a seat at their favourite Slot will know just what we mean, but again this is an issue that simply doesn't affect online casinos.

    There's always a seat free at your favourite Slot when you play online, and that's not to mention the incredible bonus rounds that are possible when using completely virtual reels. Original gameplay twists, stunning graphics and sound effects, and many licensed characters and properties give online casino Slots a huge advantage over the competition!


    Like Blackjack, Roulette is a game that you'd expect to find at any casino in the world. And just like Blackjack, the online version is arguably the superior gameplay experience.

    As with Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat and other casino table games, online Roulette lets players get straight into the action at any time, with no waiting around for a free seat. Without a skilled human croupier necessary to keep the game moving, stakes can be lower, so it's usually possible to play online Roulette with just pocket change.

    Just like with Blackjack, the digital version of Roulette allows for all kinds of twists and features that may not be possible with a physical roulette wheel. Immersive, 3D and Lightning Roulette are just three variants you're likely to find at multiple casinos, but there are plenty more unusual or different variations out there.

    And don't forget about Live Dealer games: many of the most trusted online casinos in Canada will offer a suite of games dealt by real people, live by video link. Interact and chat with your dealer for the full casino experience – you won't even have to tip them when you win (because you can't)!

    Mobile Casino

    First came the casino, then the online casino. And then? Things went mobile!

    These days most Canadian online casinos are likely to offer a free, downloadable mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Most will feature full or near-full functionality when compared with the version you'd find on your browser (and where an official app is not available, casino games may often be fully playable using your mobile browser).

    Some players will prefer the full-screen laptop experience when playing at an online casino, while others will point to the convenience factor. A famous photographer once said that “the best camera is the one that's with you”, and for many the same sentiment applies when it comes to free online casinos in Canada: there's no more convenient casino than the one in your pocket!

    iOS apps for Apple devices are usually downloadable from the App Store, while Android apps tend to be available at the site itself.

    If the convenience of a mobile app is important to you, make sure you sign up at a site where the mobile experience is a good one. If in doubt, as always, check out our in-depth online casino reviews!

    Payment Methods for Casino

    Good games, a wide choice and easy convenience are definitely three of the biggest factors when choosing an online casino, but there's another key consideration which is a little less obvious. We're talking, of course, about the different types of payment method available for online casinos.

    Think about it: there's no point finding a casino that ticks all your boxes as a customer, if you can't actually get funds onto or off the site!

    There are certain payment methods which will be more widely accepted than others. Credit cards – and specifically Visa and Mastercard – are likely to be accepted by many online casinos in Canada, but you may find some differences among the casinos when it comes to other methods.

    Paypal, EntroPay, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard are all convenient ways to manage your funds online, and will be accepted by some online casinos. Additionally, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may be accepted by certain sites.

    Be aware that some online casinos may require you to withdraw to the same method used to deposit, so bear that in mind when selecting the best Canadian online casinos to play at. As always, our detailed casino reviews can help you find the site that best matches your needs.

    Casino Bonuses

    Casinos are big business, which is why many physical casino properties spend so much of their budgets making sure their customers feel well taken care of. Free drinks, meals, event tickets or even hotel rooms are not uncommon for valued guests at a land-based casino. So what can an online player expect to find in this regard?

    Receiving free drinks, meals and hotel rooms are obviously not quite as feasible when you're playing from your living room! Nevertheless, the best online casinos understand the value to be realized by treating loyal players particularly well, and divert large portions of their marketing budgets to sweetening the deal in the form of promotions.

    These can be broadly divided into two types: regular promotions and new player bonuses.

    Regular Promotions

    These promotions are available to all customers, and may use an 'opt-in' button or even opt users in automatically. They tend to reward players who put in a lot of volume, sometimes on specific games and sometimes overall. Rewards usually take the form of one or more of the following:

    This latter offer is one of our favourites, as it comes without any earning requirements and can be withdrawn immediately, or used to play more games, as you wish. Many Canadian online casinos are famous for using this no-strings-attached cashback format, helping to make them a favourite with many players.

    Sites which offer a sportsbook in addition to casino games may use sports betting in their casino promotions. This may involve awarding a free bet on a sporting event when you play a certain Slot a set number of times, or vice versa, rewarding players with free casino play for placing bets in the sportsbook.

    Welcome Bonuses

    If you're reading this because you're looking for a new online casino site to try, you're in one of the best situations there is in online gambling. That's because many of the best online casinos will focus their marketing dollars on new players like you, and making you feel welcome. And so we have...the welcome bonus!

    Traditionally one of the best value promotions an online casino will ever run, the welcome bonus – or new player offer – typically rewards the player with a large amount of extra value. This is so you can try games out in the hopes of finding a new favourite to enjoy.

    Some sites will simply give you a set amount of free credit with your first deposit, while others will tie the additional rewards to the size of your deposit. A bonus of 100% (e.g. you deposit $100 and receive $200 to play with) is not uncommon, so consider the size of the deposit you want to make, as well as which offer makes the most sense to you and your situation.

    It's common for sites to place playthrough requirements on any bonus funds you receive – after all, they dont want you running off with all that free money without staying to at least try the games out! Playthrough requirements mean that each dollar of bonus credit must be wagered a set number of times before it can be withdrawn as cash.

    We recommend making yourself familiar with the requirements of any deposit bonus before pulling the trigger on the deposit, just to make sure there are no unexpected surprises in store. And of course, reading our helpful reviews is always a wise move!

    Game Providers

    It's common for online casino operators to license many if not all of their games from a selection of game providers. Not every provider will offer all the same games as each other, and this is especially the case when it comes to branded Slot games due to complex licensing agreements.

    While it's natural for every player to have their own favourites, a few good quality game providers we'd recommend include:

    A 20+ year veteran of creating amazing digital gambling experiences. With over 200 highly regarded games in their stable – including the likes of Starburst and Gonzo's Quest – many of our top-rated casinos will feature Netent games.

    With expertise in Slots, Poker, Bingo and table games, you'll find these games available at many of the most trusted Canadian online casinos.

    Licensed Slots can be extra fun if you're familiar with the brand, and Microgaming is known for a great selection of games based on properties like Playboy, Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes.

    A relatively new provider, Red Tiger has nevertheless made a name for itself among online casino fans for their wide selection of fun and entertaining Slots games. It's not only the Slots that are helping this company become a firm favourite with casino players, however, as they also produce a wide range of table games, Video Poker and fast, fun mini games.

    VIP & Loyalty Programs

    While not quite the same as promotions or deposit bonuses, VIP programs are another way online casinos can give a bit back to their most loyal customers.

    Not every online casino site will feature a loyalty program, but the ones that do can really help you get the most bang for your buck. Similar to what you'd find at a physical casino, most loyalty programs feature multiple tiers with increasingly attractive rewards on offer the higher you get.

    Perks can involve cashback on net losses, deposit bonuses, and even increased deposit limits or expedited withdrawals.

    To find out which online casino sites offer a VIP loyalty program, don't miss our online casino reviews.

    Best Canadian Casinos With Real Money

    So, as you can see, finding the perfect free online casino in Canada isn't as straightforward as you might think. From game choice to payment methods, mobile apps and promotions, there are lots of things to take into account.

    But that's not all! Other aspects to consider include customer service, licensing and security, and responsible gaming tools, among others.

    Responsible gaming involves being able to easily take breaks from the game, setting cooling off periods or self-excluding from certain activities, or for a certain time. It can also be possible to remove the facility to cancel withdrawals, or to impose your own, lower deposit limits in order to more effectively manage your budget.

    Fortunately, these tend to be features that few players will need to think about, given that the majority of casino players in Canada will rarely have cause to contact customer support, use their responsible gaming tools or need to know the details of the operator's licence.

    Nevertheless, we know it's important to our readers that we cover every angle when it comes to evaluating the best online casinos in Canada. That's why reading our reviews is the best way to start on your journey towards fun online casino play. We look into the small stuff as well as the big stuff, to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision you can.

    Ready to take the plunge? Head on over to our review section now, and see what lies in store for canny Canadian online casino players who want the very best experience there is!

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