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    Playing online casino games is great fun, whether you're a fan of Slots, Table Games, or any of the other entertaining games on offer. Many of these games can be played for free at any number of Canadian online casinos, and we recommend trying them out in this way when selecting a new casino or game to try.

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    Payment Methods
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    Playing for Free Versus Real Moeny

    Once you have checked a game or site out and decided it's right for you, there aren't many players out there who would continue playing for free. Why? Because when you play the free versions of these games your winnings are as imaginary as the money you're spending!

    We can't pretend that winning real money isn't part of the allure of the online casino, and so making an online casino deposit becomes a necessity if you want to rack up the winnings.

    Canadian online casino payment methods

    From card payment methods to digital wallets, prepaid vouchers, direct banking and more, customers in Canada have a great selection of options when it comes to choosing a gambling payment method and making that online casino deposit.

    Everyone's circumstances are unique, of course, so what will work for one player won't necessarily work for another. So when choosing a new online casino it's important to think about what payment methods are available, and how they will work for you specifically. Let's take a closer look at the type of options available today to players here in Canada.

    Gambling Payment Methods – What to Look Out For

    The idea behind every online casino payment method is to get your money onto and off the site, so you might ask yourself: how different can these methods be?

    It's true that there are differences between these various types of payment methods – see below for more – but when making a choice there are certain things that every player needs to evaluate. Things like...

    Online Casino Deposits...And Withdrawals?

    Some gambling payment methods will allow online casino deposits but are not available to also make withdrawals. This can cause complications, as certain online casinos will require your withdrawals to be made to the same method you used to deposit.

    Withdrawal Speed

    Depending on the payment method, the time it takes for your withdrawn money to be available to you can vary wildly. Obviously certain methods – like receiving your winnings by check, for example – are going to take a lot longer, but it's not always clear why one method may take longer than another.

    Visit a site's withdrawal page to see how long each method will take to pay out, and use that information to make a decision about which online casino payment method will work best for you.

    Deposit Speed

    Most gambling payment methods offer instant online casino deposits, but again it's worth checking before you select a method of payment so you can be sure your funds will be ready and available when you need them to be.

    casino payment methods

    Payment Method Fees

    We would not expect any modern gambling payment method to apply a fee for making an online casino deposit, but you may find that certain options may result in small charges being applied when withdrawing funds

    You should also be aware of any possible conversion fees or additional charges you may incur when depositing in CAD$ if your gameplay is not also in CAD$. One other thing to watch for is that some digital wallets may have additional charges, either as a regular monthly fee or as a fee for inactivity. Likewise, some card payment methods may carry charges or membership fees.


    Make sure your chosen payment method caters to your needs in terms of the limits it sets for your deposits. If your maximum deposit limit is too low, it's likely you will be unable to deposit enough to play the type of games you want, and will soon lose interest.

    On the other hand, if maintaining control over your deposits is something you've struggled with in the past, you may want a lower maximum deposit limit, or even the facility to lower it further as you desire.


    As with any online transaction, the security of your personal data is something to be taken seriously. Certain online casino payment methods allow for a greater degree of anonymity, or at least protect your personal information by keeping that data separate from what is needed to make a deposit.

    Different Types of Online Casino Payment Method

    Online casino customers these days have a number of different payment method types available. Unsure as to which will be best suited to your individual needs? Let's investigate what these differences mean for Canadian casino players.

    Ewallets, Skrill Casinos and Zimpler Casinos

    Digital wallets, or eWallets, are an online casino payment method that should appeal to people who may have concerns over privacy and security. A digital wallet, like Skrill or Zimpler, can be funded by online bank transfers, credit cards or many other methods, but the point is that once it is funded those links are completely hidden.

    As a result, when sharing your digital wallet information with a casino or online store, they will not be able to learn anything at all about your personal banking or credit card information. eWallets can also be an effective gambling payment method as most will allow you to withdraw to them as well as using them to deposit. Once funds are in your digital wallet, you can easily transfer them to your bank account.

    Card Payment Methods, Amex Casinos and Prepaid Cards

    Credit cards are one of the world's most popular forms of payment method, and their near-universal acceptance makes them a convenient way to pay for many users. Global brands such as Amex, Visa and Mastercard are accepted at sites across the world, although users should be aware that Mastercard is rarely available for withdrawals. As many sites default to paying winnings to the same method used to deposit, this may be a good reason to reconsider using Mastercard for deposits.

    Direct Banking and iDebit Online Casinos

    When dealing with a regulated, trustworthy casino site – as with any reputable online store – many people feel that using their personal banking info to make a payment is a safe option. After all, for a long time this was one of the main ways people paid for anything online!

    While direct banking may not have the additional security bells-and-whistles that other payment methods may offer, many users simply find it simpler to use. Remembering passwords, loading accounts and managing fees may be several steps too far for casino players who want to concentrate on playing their games, rather than managing money, and that convenience can be seductive.

    Certain gambling payment methods – such as iDebit – aim to add extra layers of security, while still essentially moving money directly from your bank to the site in question.

    Finding the Right Online Casino

    So, now that you have a good understanding of the different types of payment methods that are available, you'll need to find out which methods are available at which casinos. Luckily for you, our casino reviews section has all the information you need to make an educated, informed choice as to where to play and how to pay for it.

    And for more details on any online casino deposit methods, visit our payment method pages where you'll find out more information on using everything from Visa to PayPal, and Bitcoin to card payment methods to fund your online casino accounts.

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