Neteller Payments at Online Casinos in Canada

    In some ways the tale of Neteller is a Canadian success story: the money transfer business was founded right here in Canada in 1999, becoming a useful tool for transferring money around the world and online.

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    Neteller would go on to move to the Isle of Man, in the British Isles, in 2004 and some years later, in 2015, was acquired by Optimal Payments Plc. This company changed its name to Paysafe Group, and now operates various online payment methods including Skrill and paysafecard.

    Neteller initially made its name as the go-to payment processor for online gaming, and at one point was believed to be involved with up to 85% of the world's online gambling outlets. The changeable legal nature of online gaming, however, has led to a situation where Neteller has pulled its services from various countries, including Israel, Singapore, Turkey and, sadly for us, Canada.

    As a result of these restrictions Neteller Canada is no longer a viable method for making deposits to, or withdrawals from, Canadian online casino sites.

    What is Neteller?

    Neteller Canada was a digital wallet, allowing users to make purchases online, or deposits to gaming sites, without ever sharing their personal or financial details with the payment receiver. This 'arms-length' distance between the customer's banking/personal info and the point of sale made for a convenient payment method that naturally protected users' identities.

    Neteller logo with casino elements

    Today Neteller offers up to 25 different currencies, and users are able to fund their accounts using around 40 methods including bank transfers and credit cards. Varying legal situations around the world mean that Neteller is constantly reacting to changes in policy or law, and so the services offered, and the countries in which Neteller operates, can shift and change from territory to territory.

    What makes this such a shame for Canadian players is that Neteller Canada was such a very convenient and quick method to use when playing online. When it came to Neteller online casinos Canada was well represented, but thanks to a policy change this is no longer the case.

    Where Can I Use Neteller Canada?

    In its time, Neteller Canada was a widely accepted payment method for both online stores, money transfers and online casinos in Canada. In fact, for Neteller online casinos Canada was a prime market, and it's believed that Neteller Canada actually made around 95% of its revenue from transactions with gaming sites.

    It wasn't only casinos and gambling that made Neteller Canada so attractive to Canadian users, though, as the Neteller digital wallet could be used for anything from trading foreign currencies to making purchases at all manner of online stores.

    Unfortunately, as with the USA, Neteller Canada is no longer operating for residents of our nation.

    Different Types of Neteller Canada Account

    Neteller Canada offered several different varieties of Neteller account while it provided payment services to users in Canada. These included:

    Neteller VIP

    A Neteller VIP membership is still available in overseas territories, offering reduced or removed fees and some additional features compared with the standard Neteller account. Users are also able to earn cashback on transfers, move money for free and can enjoy the services of a VIP account manager.

    Net+ Card

    The Neteller card was first launched in 2003, and in 2008 was rebranded as the Net+ card. This partnership with Mastercard allows users to use their Neteller accounts as they would a regular Mastercard, with the addition of an extra security layer. This additional security allows the card to use a virtual card number, preventing some forms of fraud and exposing the cardholder to fewer risks when dealing with unfamiliar sites or merchants.

    Net+ cards are currently available only to residents of Europe, although this situation may change in the future.

    Can I Withdraw at Online Casinos with Neteller Canada?

    As you may have already guessed, given Neteller's exit from Canada it is not possible to make withdrawals or deposits at online casinos in Canada using Neteller.

    Neteller payment method

    This is a shame, as although Neteller Canada was once known for being the best method for quickly moving funds onto and off Neteller online casinos, Canada now has to use alternative methods. Many other methods are available which are just as convenient – check out our payment methods pages to find a suitable option for your needs.

    Is Neteller Safe for Casino Gambling?

    For many years Neteller Canada offered a reliable and trustworthy service to Canada's online gamers and shoppers, giving them a simple and fast solution when it came to spending money online.

    Neteller Canada is no longer available for casino gambling in this country but is still used across the world as a reputable online payment solution. We have no qualms in stating that Neteller is a safe method for online payments, to online casinos or other venues, but for now, casino players will not be able to use it while playing in Canada.

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