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    When it comes to playing your favourite gambling games in Canada there is no shortage of options. Legal online casinos were launched here in 2004, and operators offer their own twists on casino classics, new games and more.

    But with options comes choice. Faced with such a wealth of possibilities, it's understandable how players feel overwhelmed. So, in this brave new world of online gaming, how can a newcomer find a site for their particular needs?

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    Opinion, Opinions, Opinions!

    In our opinion, finding the best online casino starts with finding the best online casino reviews. But here's the good news: you've already found them! Our trusted online casino reviews showcase everything our readers need to know; we put online casinos under review to reveal the truth about what you can expect to find there.

    So when it comes to a great online casino, what kind of thing should you be looking for?

    New Player Bonuses

    Just like land-based casinos, online casino sites need to attract and keep players, and so will offer bonuses and promotions to regulars. Almost every site will position its most generous offers as special welcome bonuses, exclusively available for new players.

    Joining a site for the first time is something you can only ever do once, so our online casino reviews are there to help you make it count! By checking our reviews you'll be able to see which sites offer the best welcome bonuses, how much you need to deposit to get the best value, and if there are any unexpected strings attached which may make clearing the bonus harder than it should be.

    Licensing and Security

    Online casinos are based all across the globe. Where they're located doesn't mean they're good or bad, but wherever they're based we always check to see if they are licensed.

    Having a gaming licence from a reputable regulator such as those in Malta, Gibraltar or Curacao, to name just a few, helps to instil confidence in an online casino. A licence means regulation, which means a fair game for customers, security of data and communications, greater transparency and decent customer service.

    Should you experience a problem or issue with a casino site that requires resolution, licensed and regulated sites will have an established procedure set up which you will be able to follow. Licensed sites are also more likely to offer effective responsible gaming tools for those that need them (even if this doesn't apply to you, knowing that a site has these tools available shows that they have a more ethical approach to such issues).

    When putting together the best online casino reviews, a licence is always one of the first things we look for. You can usually check for a licence yourself, as details are often available at the foot of a site's homepage.

    We wouldn't recommend depositing money to an unlicensed casino site, as your funds will not be legally protected in the same way.

    Choice of Games

    Even the best online casino will be useless to you if it doesn't offer the games you want to play! That's why our online casino reviews aim to break down the details of the games you can play at each site.

    Most, if not all, online casinos will offer standard casino table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, but we think our readers deserve a little better than just the standard offerings!

    That's why we always investigate the availability of other games, like Keno, Craps or Video Poker, for example, as well as fun twists on more conventional games such as 3D Roulette or Multihand Blackjack.

    Lots of Slots?

    Slots are one thing we know many readers love, and different operators offer Slots games from different providers. Some will feature games from multiple providers, while others will only include those from a certain brand; if a Slot you love isn't available from their chosen provider, you won't be able to play it on their site.

    We know that Slots players definitely have their favourite games, so if there's one particular Slot game you know you'll want to play, you need to know if it's available before you sign up! That's why our trusted online casino reviews can be especially helpful if you're seeking a new place to play.

    Live Dealer Games

    We love to see Live Dealer games available, as these can really bring an online casino experience to life.

    If you enjoy the excitement of watching a real dealer or croupier turn a card or spin a wheel while you place your wagers, you should make sure you head for an online casino where these games are offered – and in a currency and language that works for you. Again, our online casino reviews will help you find the right place!

    Payment Options

    It may sound obvious, but might not be something you check straight away: does this online casino offer the deposit/withdrawal options that you need?

    Some payment methods are more popular than others, which is why if you're planning on using a credit card or bank transfer to fund your gaming account you're unlikely to encounter many sites which won't cater to you.

    However, if you're interested in less common options like, for example, Entropay, PafeSafeCard or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it will pay to do a bit of research. Check the details out using our online casino reviews, and ensure you pick the casino site that meets your needs.

    Customer Experience

    If you've spent any time at a physical, land-based casino, you'll know that the best ones do everything they can to make you feel comfortable, special and taken care of.

    Fortunes are spent making casinos look and feel classy, clean and hospitable; free floor shows and performances help to keep you on the premises and feeling entertained, even when you're not playing; and free drinks, meals or even rooms are often awarded to valued players.

    So how does this type of behaviour – the 'personal touch' – translate to the digital world of online casinos?


    Promotions are one area where online casinos can give a little bit back to their best customers, as they often reward higher volumes of play.

    That's why our online casino reviews will often focus on promotions that give more value to customers. And if they have a VIP loyalty program we'll be sure to mention it too, as that's a great way to make customers feel welcome and reward them for their brand loyalty.

    User Interface

    The layout of the site can make a big difference to how pleasant it is to use. Playing your favourite casino games or Slots shouldn't involve awkward controls, annoying sounds or migraine-inducing colour schemes! If it's going to be a pain to play somewhere, we'll tell you.

    Mobile Apps

    The convenience of a dedicated Android or iOS app is a real feather in the cap for any online casino. It's something we really like as it aims to make the customer's experience better and more convenient, so if a site offers such an app we'll be sure to mention it in our online casino reviews.

    And if the app shortchanges you by holding back certain features or games you'd expect to find? Don't worry, we'll tell you that too!

    Customer Support

    Finally, while most players enjoy a seamless experience with the best online casinos, there are occasions where customers may need to contact customer support. We know our readers want the convenience of having multiple ways to contact support, from telephone to emails, FAQs and social media to live chat. If a casino's customer support is hard to reach, it doesn't do much for their reputation, which is why we aim to highlight those sites which make it easy to get in touch.

    We can all relate to the experience of being trapped in a seemingly endless loop of being bounced from one customer service operative to another, however, so just having a lot of ways to contact customer support isn't the complete solution. Having competent and knowledgeable customer support agents makes every interaction that much better, in our opinion, so our online casino reviews certainly bear this in mind.

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